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Coach Day reminders to keep you on track


Motivation is a fickle beast. Even the most elite of athletes hit a motivational lull every now and then. So how do you motivate yourself when your mind tells you “no”? You get smart and plan ahead.

We’re looking at you, Coach Day reminders.

Coach Day reminders are notifications that are sent on your planned Coach days. More of a gentle nudge to get you out on the mat, they can inspire, motivate, and help remind you of your “why” when working up a sweat is the last thing you want to do. Think of it as a nice little pep talk from your personal trainer.

It may seem small, but trust us, it can make a world of difference in the way you think about your upcoming workout. Plus, it’s also a great way to remind yourself how good it feels to get that workout in and see your Consistency score go up.


How does it work?

Coach Day reminders are smart— that means you’ll receive them according to your timezone, customized to your planned Coach days. If you haven’t completed your planned Coach training session before 9 a.m., you'll get a “morning motivation.” Come 6 p.m., and if you haven’t had time to train, you’ll also receive an “afternoon reminder.”

To receive the Coach Day reminders, make sure your notifications are enabled. To do so, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Open your “Settings” on your phone
Step 2: Tap on “Notifications”
Step 3: Tap the “Settings” icon
Step 4: Select “Allow Notifications” for the Freeletics app
Step 5: Get motivated!

Once you’ve enabled your notifications, you should start to receive your Coach Day reminders immediately. But if you’re experiencing some serious FOMO a few days later because you haven’t received anything, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your settings: double-check that notifications from Freeletics are enabled on your phone via the steps above
  • Keep the app on: try to keep the Freeletics app on in the background (don’t force quit)
  • Charge your battery: a low battery can sometimes affect your ability to receive notifications.
    • For iOS: overall, it should be stable, but depending on your battery level, reminders might get deprioritized.
    • For Android: you can adjust the battery settings for the Freeletics app so that you’ll still receive notifications. Still not working? Android is typically less stable than iOS and depending on the device, some additional troubleshooting might be needed. This website provides an overview on how to troubleshoot per device: Don’t kill my app!
    • **When in doubt, it's probably best to give your phone a charge.
  • Ask the community at the Freeletics Forum if you’re still having trouble.

If you’re brimming with self-motivation and would like to turn off Coach Day reminders, we'll be bummed, but hey, you do you! Simply tap on the “Settings” icon in your profile tab and then tap on “Privacy.” Tap into “Notifications” and toggle the Coach Day reminder to off (should appear gray).

From reminders to records

If you've been consistently crushing your Coach training sessions (shoutout to those Coach Day reminders!), don’t stop there! Habit stack and focus on hitting your daily Base as well. Nothing feels better than watching your progress and consistency improve week to week. Outdo your friends, surpass other Athletes, and even beat your past self as you watch your Base streak grow.

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