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Spring fever: The diagnosis


Feeling different lately? Did you jump out of bed this morning, when usually you roll? Experiencing more motivation, PBs and positivity? It’s no coincidence. The recent change of season brings more than warmer weather. And it looks like you’ve been hit with spring fever. But to be sure our diagnosis is correct, here are some of the possible symptoms:

Boost in energy levels

Finally…sunlight!! After a long, cold winter it’s easy for us to forget what sunlight even looks like. This increase of sun and daylight, gives us more than a warm glow and the opportunity to enjoy our coffee outside. It’s also a reason many experience a real energy surge. This occurs because our brain produces less of the sleeping hormone melatonin. Another reason for the increase in energy levels is the extra dose of vitamin D from the spring sunshine. Take advantage of your extra power and bring it to the training ground.


Enhanced mood and motivation

Are you more motivated to exercise outdoors? In spring, the “warmth” and “convenience” of the gym, seems more “stuffy” and “overcrowded”, and fresh air becomes all the rage. As well as this, you will notice yourself becoming a lot more social. Training groups make their comeback in spring and the clean, outdoor air has a positive impact on our overall mood.

Cravings for lighter food

As temperatures rise, our hunger for heavy stews and hot soups drops. Naturally, your body begins to crave lighter, fresh foods. And luckily, the grocery stores and farmers markets cater to this. Stock up on brightly-coloured seasonal vegetables and fruits and get creative with salad bowls and smoothies to feed your body’s spring appetite and allow a natural cleansing.


Training time changes

Did you ever wake up in winter, take one look out the window, and decide training could wait for another day? Then you will notice this all changes in spring. Longer days, changing of the clock, and brighter mornings, changes our daily routine. And those who would usually leave their training session to the weekend, or evening, get up earlier for a workout and start their day with achievement.

Are all the symptoms there? Then here is our prescription

Regular early mornings.

1 dose of physical activity a day.

If symptoms persist, keep pushing and set even bigger goals.


Instead of a speedy recovery, we hope your spring fever lasts a long time. Enjoy!