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Give your body what it needs this spring

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Our bodies are incredible. They change. Adapt with the season. What we once thought appealing in winter is very different to what we crave in spring. Although some people choose not to listen, there is an important reason behind this. Don’t ignore what your body tells you. Read more to find out how to give your body a well deserved spring clean.

Stick to in season spring vegetables


Spring is our bodies cleansing time of the year. A high vegetable based diet with fresh, light salads. This is what it needs to reduce body fat and help the liver do it’s job. Much needed after a long, heavy winter. And there is absolutely no better time to buy fresh vegetables than in spring. Nutritious. Delicious. Fresh. Important for your health and your performance. Why would you eat dried, pickled or preserved fruit and vegetables when you can buy it all freshly grown? Visit your local farmers market. Take advantage of the seasonal freshly picked produce. It doesn’t stick around for long.

Foods in season: Antioxidant-rich leafy greens like spinach, basil, romaine lettuce.

Bright, crisp root vegetables like asparagus, carrots, artichokes, rhubarb.

Be experimental

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you always stick to the same thing, you provide your body with the same nutrients. Switching up your vegetables, means you get new nutrients. Ones that most likely have a low level in your body. Research vegetables grown in your region. Try out less well known ones. Kohlrabi, Kapia peppers, Kale sprouts. These are all vegetables new to the market. Packed full of nutrients and vitamins.



If you like to juice, spring’s the ideal time to do it. The best fruit and vegetables are grown at this time of the year. Perfect for refreshing, healthy drinks. It’s a fast and efficient way to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs.

Stick to green juices. Cabbage, broccoli, kale and rocket. Together with your favorite fruit, it will make a mean smoothie.

Spring seasonings


Spring provides some of the best herbs. Chives, dill, sage, rosemary. All are healthy and really make a meal.

Find some tasty fresh recipes in the Freeletics Nutrition Coach.