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A guide to good sleep part 3: Creating a sleepy environment

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Ever woke up during the night because of loud neighbors, street noise, someone else’s snoring or your room being too hot? There is nothing more annoying than when something disturbs your sacred sleep. Especially when you’re dreaming about a workout and well on your way to achieving a PB. The secret lies in creating an environment so relaxed that you’ll stay in your deep sleep no matter how loud, hot or annoying your surroundings are. Here’s how:


Melatonin, the “darkness hormone”, which helps regulate sleep and wake cycles, is released by darkness and suppressed by light. That’s why you should try to have as little light as possible in your room overnight, including light from electronics. If there is too much light, the likelihood of waking up during the night and alertness is increased.

Sleep surface

When it comes to your bed essentials, there is a lot to consider:

  • Make sure you have a comfy mattress, which meets your requirements. Take a look at how hard and soft different mattresses are to find the perfect one for you.
  • The right pillow is also an important factor for your sleep quality since there is a huge variety of types.
  • If you wake up too hot or cold during the night, maybe it’s time to invest in a new blanket. Best is a duvet that regulates body temperature, and always remember to have a thicker one for winter.
  • Select your duvet cover carefully. Don’t just go for one that looks good. It’s worth paying a little extra for better quality material that feels soft on your skin.
  • A good smell can also contribute to a good sleep. Use a detergent with a fresh scent and don’t forget to change your bed linen regularly – very important, especially for your skin.

All these factors differ from person to person, try out what works best for you and invest some time and money in upgrading your bedroom.


In the first stages of our sleep, even the slightest noise can cause us to wake. Luckily, as we enter a deeper sleep, it’s harder for something to disturb our slumber. Still, to guarantee a good night’s sleep, try to get rid of even the quietest noises nearby before you get into bed. For example a TV on standby, the humming of a fridge, or a tap dripping. A good idea is to close all doors or even use earplugs.

Bed = sleeping

Avoid doing other activities like watching TV or working in bed. Your body should associate your bed with sleeping only. Use another room or sit on the couch for those activities and only go to bed when you are ready to switch off and go to sleep.


Everyone has their own preference in room temperature. Some like it roasty, toasty warm, others have to have the window open, even during winter. That’s totally up to you. We do however recommend a room temperature between 16 °C to 20 °C. Higher temperatures can lead to sleep disturbances.


Similar to workout gear you need the right sleeping gear to give your body the signal it’s time to wind down and sleep. Much more than just a random old T-shirt, your sleeping suit should be soft, smell nice and match the weather – long sleeve/long pants when it’s colder for example.

Now it’s time for your good night’s sleep. Enjoy.