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Compress yourself, on and off the running track


From olympic sprinters to world-class ultra runners and even professional basketball players, almost no athlete’s holdall is complete without a pair of compression socks. For those who don’t consider themselves a professional athlete, this can make compression wear seem a little too advanced and unnecessary for their level of fitness. No one wants to be the guy with all the gear and no idea, right? Actually, when it comes to compression socks, we disagree.

Compression socks aren’t as “professional” as you think. Actually, they are a cheap, effective and simple way of boosting performance and reducing risk of muscle soreness and injuries. In fact, they are such a useful piece of equipment to have, we recommend wearing them on and off the running track. Here’s why:

The case for compression

Before these brightly-colored, branded socks and sleeves were used by runners as part of their training regime, doctors prescribed compression for patients who needed to boost their circulation. Compression gear supports your body’s blood flow and lymphatic systems in restoring damaged tissue. They have become extremely popular amongst runners as they also provide muscular stability. By reducing the movement of calf muscles for example, when runners’ feet hit the ground during a run, they also reduce the risk of muscle damage caused by the impact.

Not just for running

While compression socks are said to play a vital role in a marathon runner’s performance, these guys can do wonders for your muscles too. And not just when worn during training.

We often say that maintaining your body and helping it recover and repair itself is something you should be doing 24/7. If you’re someone who juggles long working hours in the office with family life and social commitments, you may not have time for a weekly massage or an hour-long stretching and rolling session every day – we get it. That’s where compression comes in. We’re not saying that wearing compression socks should be your only means of regeneration, but it is a time-efficient method that will support your recovery process.

Let's recap

Whether it’s in the office, around the house, a trip to the grocery store or during a transatlantic flight, try to make wearing compression socks for at least some time each day, a part of your daily routine.