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Simple tips to recover faster after training

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Don’t let the thought of post-workout pain put you off your training. When you push your body to its absolute limits, of course you’re going to feel it the next day. Even just a little. Although some might use this as an excuse to sit the next training out, there are really fast, effective ways to help your body recover. Instead of the next morning being a struggle to make it out of bed, follow these tips and save your body the pain.


Make stretching an important part of your workout. Before and after. Doing it after training will loosen your tight muscles and send a signal to your brain that your workout is over. Time to wind down. You can find out more about the benefits of stretching on the Freeletics Knowledge Center.

Eat protein

foods high in protein

You’ll already know that Freeletics training takes its toll on your muscles. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s the reason why you’re faster and stronger every week. Just make sure you provide your body with plenty protein, vitamins and minerals for muscle regeneration. Eat foods high in protein and some fruit or vegetables half an hour after your workout. Try out fish like tuna and salmon, nuts and seeds and lean cuts of beef.


When you sleep, your body repairs itself. It doesn’t strictly have to be 8 hours. Just make sure it’s the right amount for your body to recover from your intense workouts. And make sure it’s a good deep sleep. No interruptions or snoozing!

Keep yourself hydrated

Workout recovery

Always have water close by for when you finish training. If you’re giving it your all, you’re going to get hot and work up a sweat. Drinking water helps your body to calm down and initiate recovery processes.

Cool down

Never just stop abruptly after your workout. You’ll end up dizzy afterwards and painful the next day. Even just walking for five minutes will bring your body back to a relaxed state. It’s important for your circulation and you won’t find yourself struggling to take the stairs the next day.

Of course your training should be tough. No pain, no gain. But never ignore what your body tells you. Recover fast. Perform even faster. On the Freeletics Knowledge Center you can find out even more about recovery, which processes are triggered and how you can accelerate them.

What’s your post-workout ritual? Is there something that helps your body recover faster than anything else? If so, we want to know about it. Join the discussion, leave a comment below.