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The Athlete Mom – Romy’s story


Life changes us. Situations. Events. Milestones. Can we avoid this happening? No. But we can decide whether we make the most or the worst out of it. And no matter how much we change, our dreams should always remain. This is how Romy didn’t let family life stop her from working on herself and becoming the person she wanted to be.

Fitness Mum

Hi I’m Romy. I come from a town close to Dresden, Germany and I’m happily married with 2 young children. However I am by no means your stereotypical stay-at-home mom. In between school runs, taking care of a family, and my job I work on myself. I’m proud to call myself a Free Athlete and a mother. This is how and why I always find time to make fitness a key part of my busy lifestyle.

I became a Free Athlete in 2014. If you’re a mother, then you’ll know how much not only your body but also you as a person changes after having children. People told me I would never return to my old self. But I was determined to get back in shape. I tried everything: Jogging, weight training, all kinds of sports. Nothing seemed to work for me. It’s so hard to find something that’s effective but at the same time I could do quickly at home when the kids were sleeping. However after searching for a while, I came across some Freeletics reviews on the Internet and decided to try it out.

Fitness Moms

My first workout was Aphrodite. Let’s just say: it’s an experience I will never forget. The whole way through I just kept thinking to myself “Who in their right mind came up with this?” Afterwards I had the worst muscle ache of my life. I couldn’t imagine doing it again. But once the soreness passed, I thought, “hmmm maybe that wasn’t so bad after all” and I already planned my next training session.

I’m so happy I didn’t give up after that first workout. Starting Freeletics was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s changed it in ways I never could have imagined. I can do crazy things that I thought before were impossible, like pull-ups and I can almost even do muscle-ups. I have achieved my dream figure and my stomach is more toned than it was even before having children. Something I never thought possible. But it’s not just that. I’m mentally much stronger than I was before I started with Freeletics. In my eyes there is nothing I can’t do. And I think my discipline and determination rubs off on my children.

Freeletics Before After

You might look at Freeletics and think it’s too hard. But don’t ever let that put you off. I still find it difficult. Every workout is a fight. I still struggle as much as I did that first Aphrodite. But that’s because I’m better, so I push myself more. For example, my favorite workout is Poseidon. Why? Because it feels like a new challenge every time I do it. But what doesn’t challenge you wont change you. And is change not the reason you’re doing it? To change yourself? Your life?


I’m really proud of myself. My husband/ training partner is proud of me and I like to think that my kids are too. I want to keep making them proud so I’m not going to stop here. I’m currently working on my kipping handstand pushups (Still can’t believe that I’m saying that), muscle-ups and pistols. I know I will get there one day because it was the same with pull-ups. I kept practicing and then all of a sudden one day I managed to pull myself up.


For mothers who want to get fit, there is nothing better than Freeletics. Like I said before, I tried so many other sports but nothing worked nearly as well. The best thing is that I can do it at home and don’t have to go to a gym. I don’t need to hire a babysitter or leave the kids with anyone. Sometimes they even watch and try to join in. I can train with my friends, and even better with my husband. It’s become a concrete part of our lives just like brushing our teeth.

My advice to all mothers thinking of starting Freeletics is this:

Don’t make excuses. Just go for it. Some days you will feel as though you can’t be bothered. Trust me that’s normal. I get those days too. You just have to train your willpower. Don’t let things like pull-ups put you off the whole thing. It’s something that you learn. As you get stronger, you get better. You should never give up on yourself or your dreams, just because you have a family. Always make time for yourself. For your life. For your goals. And never let someone tell you that you can’t or stick a label on you.

We are all in this together. So let’s make ourselves, our kids and our families proud. Freeletics is a challenge. It’s a lifestyle. It’s amazing.”