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5 superfoods to boost your brain and metabolism

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You already know that doing Freeletics improves your cognitive abilities. But did you know that there is even more you can do to improve your brainpower? It’s all about getting your nutrition right. Foods are usually chosen by how much they assist in weight loss. Or how much they will help muscle regeneration. But imagine being able to use food as a way of supporting the functioning of the brain. Well, you can. Here’s how!

These are 5 brain-boosting foods:



People may tell you that avocados are fatty. Don’t let this put you off. These are all healthy fats. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids fight bad cholesterol and also increase the blood flow to the brain. As well as this the high amount of vitamins and minerals can enhance the nervous interaction and protect the brain from having a stroke.

The best way to be eaten: You can make avocado a part of any meal. Eat it with scrambled egg for breakfast. Add it to any sandwich or salad for lunch or dinner. Even eat it on it’s own with some lemon and garlic as a snack.



Salmon is extremely rich in an omega fatty acid called DHA. This plays a vital role in the functioning of the brain. Especially memory and everyday activities like driving the car or doing the grocery shopping.



All nuts are a super food. But Almonds are among the very best of them. Why? Because they are packed full of vitamin E. Which helps to increase brain activity.

The best way to be eaten: Add them to salads. Have them in your morning musli or cereal. Or even just keep a bag on your desk to snack on.



Spinach is super healthy (Incase you haven’t heard it before). But the effect on the brain is not so well known. It’s one of the best sources of magnesium and other valuable minerals, which allow more blood flow to the brain. Not only this, it also helps brain cell receptors which speed the transmission of messages.

The best way to be eaten: Raw or cooked, it tastes just as good. However raw spinach contains more vitamins. Use it in a salad or in a soup with chicken or order it as a side dish if you’re in a restaurant. Spinach is also perfect with apple, ginger and celery in a smoothie.



High in antioxidants, these types of berries protect the brain from stress and premature aging. They have also been linked to improvements in memory and learning.

The best way to be eaten: Add them to your yoghurt for breakfast. Or make a fruit salad with melon, mango, kiwi, grapes and ginger for a desert.

Incorporate these foods into your nutritional intake. Strengthen your brain like you do your body.

Try out the dishes above. Leave a comment below and tell us which are your favourites. Or do you have any other recipes for brain-boosting foods?