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#Standup for Women: The International Women’s Day 2021 Challenge


The global theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is “Choose to Challenge.” Challenge is not a foreign concept to Free Athletes, so we’re launching our own challenge to show our support.

Women are fierce. We see their never-ending drive and fierce determination both on and off the mat. Over the next few weeks, let’s show our support for women. Here’s how to take part:

The #Standup Challenge

Part One: Take a Stand

A classic Freeletics exercise, Standups are tough. In order to complete one, you need mobility, coordination, and strength. In this way, they’re a perfect metaphor to represent the strength and determination that women bring to their daily lives and to the causes they’re a part of.

That’s why we’re asking all Free Athletes to complete as many Standups as they can each day over the next two weeks. For female Free Athletes - it’s your time to shine, and for male Free Athletes - we encourage you to perform Standups in honor of the women in your life.

How many Standups can we achieve as a community?

Here’s how to participate:

  • Starting Monday, March 8, 2021 - tap the “Explore” tab in the App and navigate to the “Single exercises” section.
  • Select Standups or Assisted Standups from the alphabetical list of single exercises. (Assisted Standups will be towards the top, while Standups will be down towards the bottom).
  • Select how many repetitions you plan to do (10, 25, 50, or more!)
  • Press Start and complete your reps!
  • Once completed, make sure you share a little message in honor of International Women’s Day. What do you stand up for? Who are the women in your life that you’d like to honor?
  • Complete as many Standups as you would like each day or a few times over the next few weeks to show your support.

We’ll check in over the next two weeks to let you know how many Standups we can achieve together as a community.

Looking for tips and tricks about how to properly complete a Standup? Look no further. Freeletics users can always find the instructional video in the App, or here on the web!

United we #Standup

Part Two: Share Your Voice

What do you stand up for?

Do you work to close the gender pay gap? Do you advocate for more equality in maternal and paternal leave and care? Female representation in boardrooms?

Do you participate in philanthropies and charities aimed at uplifting, guiding, or encouraging other women or young girls?

Our female Freeletics Ambassadors share what they stand up for. Now it’s your turn.

The challenge: Head to Instagram or Twitter and share your own video using the hashtag #Standup to let us know what you stand up for.

Make sure to tag us @Freeletics and we might just share your video! Please note, in order for us to see your video, or if you’d like your video to be shared, your profile must be public.

Our worldwide community of Free Athletes knows how to band together. We support each other on the mat. Now is the time to support each other off the mat, too.

Participation in the challenge is of course voluntary. Listen to what your body is telling you. Before using the Freeletics Services for the first time or while using Freeletics, if you have any doubts about your health (e.g. because you are experiencing considerable pain, a general malaise, shortness of breath, nausea or dizziness) consult your doctor before starting or continuing with Freeletics.