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We speak action. Learn our language.


In 20 years time no one will look back on what they said and be proud of it. Instead what we do imprints our lives and stays with us forever. It’s now time you put your mindset where your mouth is. Here’s how to learn our language and let your actions speak for themselves.


Be stronger than excuses

You can blame it on the weather, wait for the storm to pass or say you’ll do it once it’s stopped raining. But be honest: that won’t get you anywhere. It’s about stepping out into the rain and learning to enjoy the storm.


Dare to aim higher

If you only ever talk about “what ifs”, “imagine that” and “one day”, that’s all you’ll have to look back on. You must jump in the deep end. Climb the highest mountain. Choose the fastest lane. As long as you aim for the unreachable, one day you’ll get there.


Don’t sleep on success

A dream will remain a dream if you don’t act upon it. As soon as you do, it becomes a goal. So if they call you a dreamer, let them. You aren’t the one sleeping.


Define your future

It’s easy to say you’re unlucky. That you never had a fair chance in life because of your circumstances or bad genes. What’s not easy is turning that situation around, starting from the bottom and becoming the underdog. But oh boy, it’s worth it.


Make failure fear you

If you could speak to failure what would you say? Thank it for the second chance to do things better? Stand face on and tell it you’re not scared? Failure won’t listen to your words. Every time you fail, you must get back up and prove you’ve got what it takes to do better.


Be a team player

Everyone says they are a team player. Only the committed really are. You gotta show your support. Don’t stop when you’re done. Keep going until your partner is finished. Don’t just cheer your PB. Celebrate your whole team’s effort. If you learn a skill, pass that knowledge on. A Free Athlete is never “me”. It’s always “we”.