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New Coach and New Gods: Product update

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#FreeAthletes. They have been awoken. 37 new #Gods are ready and waiting.

To challenge your strengths, battle your weaknesses and awaken the athlete within you. Workouts more powerful, intense and effective than you ever thought possible. And not just new Gods, but a brand new Coach who is smarter than ever with a fresh take on effective training. They are ready and waiting. Now it’s up to you. Step up to the plate, meet your new Coach, and conquer more Gods! Here is what awaits you in the latest Freeletics update:

100% Demanding. 120% Rewarding.

Let us introduce to you: the smartest and most challenging digital Coach on the market. Thanks to a refined formula in the algorithm and improved AI, your personalized training plan is now even more tailored to your performance and feedback. No two training plans are the same. The Coach will keep you on your toes. He will challenge your skills and strengthen your weaknesses in a way that is unique to your fitness levels and goals. Trust in your Coach, put in the work, and the results will follow.

More Gods to conquer. More challenges to face.

Aphrodite, Kentauros, Athena, Metis...thought you’d conquered them all, right? But that was just the beginning. Experience 37 new levels of exhaustion, intensity and effectiveness. Each workout is unique in its own way and will challenge and develop you differently. Head over to the workouts section in your app to discover Achilles, Odysseus, Amazona and many more. Take note, however, that you will only have access to all 37 new Gods with the Freeletics Training Coach.

Unique experiences and added variety to your training.

All workouts will be available in one version from now on. This means there will no longer be 2x2 versions nor “Endurance” and “Strength”. Why? We want you all to experience each God for what it really is: a unique workout that targets a certain strength and develops a certain skill - meaning there should be no alternative variations. This is also based on the community’s feedback - your feedback. But don’t worry - the new God workouts have been added to still provide you with plenty of variation, some targeting strength, others targeting endurance. More workouts and unique experiences await you in the app.

Please Note: If you have the Coach, the 2x2 feature will still be available for your Coach day. If your Coach day includes exercises like burpee frogs or sprints, you can still use the 2x2 feature located at the top of your Coach day. Your Coach will then assign you an equivalent God which doesn’t require any distance.

Room for holistic body training with focus on specific skills

Some of the original God workouts have made their official retirement from Freeletics. So don’t be surprised if you notice a few missing in your app. This was based mainly on feedback from our community, but also to make way for a new generation of Gods. These brand new workouts will challenge you equally - if not more - with a focus on specific skills and muscle groups. #NoPainNoGain

What happened to your PBs and times of the workouts and variations that are no longer available in the workout section?

Don’t worry, they’re not lost. All of your workout history can still be seen in your profile. Simply go to your profile screen, tap on “Workouts”, and find all your trainings in your training history in the tab “Recents”. Now it’s your chance to score new PBs with the new Gods. They’re already waiting for you on the training ground. Step up to the plate. Take on a new challenge.

Can’t wait to try our newest release? All that’s left to do now is update to the latest version of the Freeletics Bodyweight app.

Get ready for a new era. The Coach and Gods are waiting for you on the training ground.