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#MoreResults: From low self-confidence to high performer

Header Dorian

The Freeletics #MoreLife campaign encourages individuals to redefine fitness as something that gives them more life by providing them with more time, more support, more freedom and more results. As one of the featured athletes from the campaign and the face of the #MoreResults claim, we caught up with Dorian, the French Freeletics ambassador and tricker, on set to find out what he considers to be the most rewarding results from regular training as well as what’s kept him motivated to reach the level he’s at today.

Standing at 1.86 meters with a body fat percentage of 8.6%, aesthetically, Dorian is the perfect athlete in every sense of the word. However surprisingly, his chiseled exterior is not the result he’s most proud of.

“I was not always as confident as I am now. Before I started training regularly with Freeletics, I had no self-confidence. When I shared my goal with others and told them what I wanted to achieve, some people tried to discourage me and their words were enough to put me off. But with the support from the Freeletics community and a constant feeling of achievement and sense of progression, I found the courage in myself to ignore it. My new-found confidence and positive attitude is one result I never aimed for and at first didn’t realize that I had even achieved, but when I put things into perspective it’s one of the best results to come out of my training.”

As well as a change in mindset, Dorian also experienced results in other areas of his life:

“Aside from Freeletics, my other passion is tricking (a training discipline that combines martial arts, gymnastics and breakdancing) and before that I practiced moringue (a combat dance originally from the Reunion Island, similar to capoeira) and kyokushinkai. Unfortunately I don’t do kyokushinkai and meringue so often anymore as it means I always have to train at certain times and places with a specific training group. For me, this is too restricting. However, I’m still able to practice tricking and actually, the two training methods – Freeletics and tricking – complement each other well. Both allow me to progress at my own pace and in my own way. I’ve also noticed how much regular Freeletics training supports and improves my performance and abilities in the sport. I have a lot more endurance and strength to perform complex movements.

The incredible results I experience with Freeletics are just as much mental as they are physical.  Mentally, it’s great to work out after a bad day or when things are not going well in my personal life. Moreover, Freeletics encourages me to continually seek to excel and to progress. But of course, I can’t ignore the physical results. Regular training is the key factor behind my athletic shape and it’s given me a body that I feel good and confident in. Whereas before I would often grow tired, take a break and be inconsistent with my training – now, I always try to progress whether it’s mentally or physically. We must not forget why we train hard in the first place and must continue to maintain it to avoid going back.

Fast and visible results are of course important but I also think you should always keep in mind that it is not all about reaching one goal in a specific time frame. It’s about staying on that level and keeping those skills and ‘results’. I think it is a constant process where you must keep on going. Therefore the best result I’ve achieved with Freeletics is sticking to this process and continuing the lifestyle without even thinking about it or having to try.”

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Life isn’t about more fitness. It’s fitness that’s about #MoreLife.