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It’s all in your head: How to reach your goals


Enduring effective training is never simple. On the contrary, it requires your full devotion. Even the best training program won’t do the work for you; rather, it will constantly challenge you. But what motivates us to keep working at it and giving it our best? First and foremost, results. Due to the fact that you normally don’t see them during the first weeks of training, it is important to have the right attitude. A strong mind is what makes successful athletes stand out. It’s no secret, we say. Here are the right thoughts and mental tips with which you will become the strongest version of yourself.

The Freeletics Gym Coach ensures that your training never becomes monotonous and that you continually improve yourself. Luckily, you need not worry in order to avoid boredom and frustration from results that do not happen. This is because there are strategies that drive you and make you mentally stronger so that doubt doesn’t even appear in the first place. The following tips will make you unafraid of failing and help you master the tasks before you so that you can work towards your goal day after day.

Imagine the result

What’s in it for me? Very important – Look at the results of others. On our YouTube channel, you can find people who had similar beginnings. They all made it. But they all had to begin their process sometimes and everyone had phases where they overcame things. Their example gives you an authentic feeling of what’s possible. Now stand before the mirror. Try, as accurately as possible, to think about what would happen to you. What effect would this training have on your life? How would those around you respond?

Take weekly photos of yourself; it’s too easy to forget how far you’ve come along when doing day-to-day comparisons.


Learn to enjoy deprivation

Come on, just one beer!? Let’s just order one pizza. – Deprivations are part of training. Anytime you have to say “no” should be a chance to become mentally stronger. You should knowingly adapt to deprivations. During your next training, you will overcome your limits. It’s also important to keep yourself aware of why you are doing without something. This is about something greater than a quick pleasure. This is about your dreams.

Routine in your head

Set fixed times and rules for your training. If possible, plan it in the morning before work or college. This lets you start the day right and prevents you from turning to other activities. If that isn’t possible, simply go directly to the gym after you’ve completed what you need to do. Just don’t look at the couch first.

If you find it hard to pull yourself together, a good tip is simply to put on your shoes and grab your training material. You will see how your steps will automatically take you to the rack. It is scientifically-proven that you only need to stick to an activity for 3 min. to overcome your inner weakness. 3 minutes, nothing more.

Connect yourself

Tell friends about your training or, even better, invite them to join you. You will see that a training buddy will drag you along when you would actually rather lay on the couch. Even better, if your weights are similar, then a bit of competition can help things move forward.


Remember why you started

It is precisely at the beginning, when the big results are still a long time coming, is when you question your personal goal: is that really important for me? Do I really need that to be happy? Here’s a good tip: before starting your training write about what you would change and mainly, why you would change it. You can write these items as a letter to yourself and place it in an envelope. Read it when you notice that you are having doubt.

Read it one more time. Mental strength is like a muscle and, like a muscle, it will grow during the course of your training. The longer we train, the stronger we become, even mentally. In the beginning, you do not need to have all the will power that you will muster up during the course of your journey. Let’s work on it. Day after day.