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How Free Athletes train in Russia

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There are times when Free Athletes are faced with obstacles. Especially in Russia. Extreme temperatures. Snow. Heat waves. Difficulties finding Free Athletes in the same city. But do they let this stop them? No. They find a way to train together. No matter the conditions.

“We are a group of Free Athletes from different cities all over the country: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Salekhard, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Ulyanovsk and many others. It might not always be easy to train together because we live so far apart. But we make it happen. Since early last year we joined together and train in one big group in Moscow.

In summer, training can get pretty hot. We sometimes get heat waves. But when it’s not too hot and the sun’s shining everyone gets together almost weekly. In winter, it’s a different story. Imagine temperatures reaching below -15° C degrees. This isn’t uncommon in Russia. Sometimes we have up to 70cm of snow in the cities. This could be seen as a reason not to train, but we don’t let this stop us. Only when it gets unbearably cold, do we train indoors. Otherwise rain, snow, sunshine, any weather, you can find us doing burpees all over Russia.”



“We started off communicating through the Russian Social Networking site, Vkontakte. Our site has more than 2,500 followers now. More recently we joined Facebook to communicate with other Free Athletes all over the world. We have two pages: One for our training group in Moscow and another one for the whole of Russia.

Do you have to be at a certain level of fitness to join us? Absolutely not. We are proud that our group is made up of so many different kinds of people. From so many different places. If anyone needs some extra help, the group supports them. When one person finishes their workout, they help another person to complete theirs. That’s the way our Russian group works. Everyone earns their ClapClap at the end.”


“Some of us have joined other groups when we’re in a different country. It’s great to be able to meet other Free Athletes and compare their training spot and experiences to ours. There are some training tips that we would never have found out about unless we get them from other Free Athletes.

If you’re travelling to Russia, then please get in touch and join us. We are always open to new people. Don’t worry about your fitness level, your age or anything like that. We are just happy to be able to train together. Join us on Facebook and find out where and when we train. Together we are stronger.

Keep up the good work and ClapClap. Free Athletes from Russia.”

How do you train in your country? What makes your group so special? We want to know. Leave a comment below or send an email to