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4 hard truths about greatness

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What is greatness? There is no one answer. We all have our own vision of greatness. It’s the person we dream of becoming. It’s having the power to step up to any challenge, and regardless of our fear, conquer it. For many, it’s an unreachable destination which no road seems to lead to.

Although some seem more destined for greatness than others, this is not the case. It’s not about where you come from, it doesn’t always depend on your genetics and greatness has nothing to do with luck. There are 4 hard truths about achieving greatness. Understand these and your journey has already begun.

Truth #1: Greatness is not given but earned

Talent is natural. Greatness is choice. We are all born with certain skills. But these can only take us so far. Depend on what comes naturally and have no doubt about it, you can become good.

But becoming great takes so much more than this. It’s not something you just stumble upon. No one will ever hand it to you. You and only you alone can earn it. Hard work. Dedication. Taking action. Knowing your worth, realizing your potential and choosing to reach it, no matter your circumstances and regardless of what it takes to get there: This is what makes you great.

Without the hard work, there will be no reward. No feeling of satisfaction. No overwhelming sense that this was you. All you. Hard work gets you places. So don’t just depend on what comes naturally. Never fall for tricks, quick fixes or simplified versions. If something seems “too good to be true”, chances are it is. But if your dream scares the hell out of you. If your goal means abandoning everything you’ve ever known and taking a leap of faith, then you’ve chosen the right one.

Don’t live in a world you’ve been given. Afraid to explore what may be. Dangle off the edge. Jump in the deep end. Choose the unknown. Nothing is ever achievable unless you’re willing to give it a damn good try.

Ready for truth #2? Stay tuned next week.