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Small Group Challenges: Take yourself on. Take on your friends.


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We all know that the Freeletics Coach creates a training plan that is personalized just for you. But now, the ability to create small, group challenges within the Freeletics app lets you connect and train with others while working toward a common goal!

Get motivated, stick to a routine, & build your Community

Challenges can boost your motivation and help you stick to a routine - but that’s not all. Working towards a shared goal with other Free Athletes really kicks it up a notch.

That’s why we designed the newest feature: Challenges. Designed to help you challenge yourself and others, you can now create your own challenges and invite your friends to take part. Together in these small groups, you’ll take your fitness to the next level through consistent training.

What kind of challenges can I create?

You can create a challenge for an exercise, a Signature God workout, or other workouts. We’ve listed the options below! Choose carefully. Whatever you select, you’re about to commit to completing it every day for the next 7 days!

Each challenge starts on the day you create it. For exercises, you’ll choose how many reps to complete each day. Then, the most important step, you’ll invite your friends to join in and motivate each other along the way. As far as finishing the challenge? That part is up to you and your challenge group!

Single Exercises

Signature God Workouts

Other Workouts



360 Flexibility Flow



Daily Stretch



On Your Marks

Plank Shoulder Taps


Dumbbell Quick HIIT

Plank Switches


Full Core Control



Jump Rope Fundamentals


Kettlebell Activation

Now that you’ve seen your options - how will you decide which type of challenge is right for you? We’ve come up with a few examples based on where you currently are in your fitness journey:

New to Fitness:

Have you recently started your fitness journey? Start small! Try committing to 25 Crunches a day, or 10 Pushups.

It’s one week of carving out time each day to focus on you and your fitness goals. We know you can do 7 days, and that’s just the first step on the path to a whole new healthy lifestyle.

Ready to Try New Things:

So you’ve been training consistently for a while (ClapClap to you!), but it’s time to shake up the routine. If you haven’t incorporated weight training into your sessions yet, try 7 days of Kettlebell Activation or Dumbbell Quick HIIT. In just 10 minutes a day, you’ll work up a sweat in a whole new way. Motivation? Reinvigorated!

Coming Back After a Break:

First, welcome back! We’ve missed you. Getting back into a routine can be challenging. Think about choosing a mobility workout that you know you can complete every day.

For example, the 360 Flexibility Flow takes about 10 minutes and can help you get back into the routine of moving each day and get you ready to take on any Training Journey!

The Ultimate Challenge:

For those Free Athletes who just can’t get enough, why not take on a God Workout every day? Wake up and challenge Athena daily for a week. How much time will you take off of your PB? Challenge accepted!

How to create & access challenges:

  • Step 1: Open your Coach tab and Click on Create challenge.
  • Step 2: Follow the prompts to choose your exercise or workout, select how many repetitions you want to complete, and create a name for the challenge. The challenge begins the day you create it and ends after 7 days.
  • Step 3: The app will generate a link unique to your challenge. Share this link via messaging and social media platforms to invite others to take part in your challenge.
  • Step 4: Once you and your friends have started a challenge, you can access it from the Coach tab.

Quick Facts

  • All Free Athletes have access to the feature and can create challenges and invite other participants!
  • Choose from the list of Single Exercises or Workouts.
  • Each challenge begins the day you create it and will last for seven days. 
  • The challenge day ends at 12 a.m. Central European Time.

Quick FAQs

Question: Do I need to have a Coach subscription to access challenges in the Freeletics app?

Answer: No. A Coach subscription is not required to create or take part in a challenge.

Question: Do people I invite to my challenge need to have a Freeletics account?

Answer: Yes! If they aren’t signed up yet, they will need to sign up and create a profile, download the Freeletics app, and then re-click your invite link on their device while they are logged in to the app to join your challenge.

Question: Am I required to invite other people to my challenge?

Answer: In short, no. But, we really recommend you do! Why? Well, research suggests that training with others can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Simply, it’s motivating!

You’re going to get a notification every time someone in your group completes their daily task. If you haven’t completed your reps or workout yet, a few of those notifications might just give you the jump you need to get it done. Alternatively, you might be that notification that gets someone else in your group moving! Together, you’ll achieve great things!

Question: Do the exercises I complete in my Coach-assigned training sessions count toward my challenges?

Answer: No, challenges are completed in addition to your Coach-assigned training sessions. However, any additional exercises you complete from the Explore tab will be calculated towards your challenge goal!

Question: Can I participate in more than one challenge?

Answer: Yes! But keep in mind that challenges are meant to be completed in addition to your assigned training sessions and the Coach will take into account your completed challenge tasks. So, set yourself up for success by not taking on too much in one day!

Question: What happens if I miss a day?

Answer: It happens. Pick yourself up and keep going! There are no make-up days, so just get right back to it when you can!

Your progress will show, for example, 6 of 7 days at the end of the challenge. But look on the bright side! Now, you’ve already got a new SMART goal to smash. You can now create the same challenge and this time, complete all 7 days!

Question: The challenge started yesterday, but I joined it today. Now what?

Answer: You’ve got 6 days to show them what you’ve got! In the end, your progress will show 6 of 7 days, but you’ll know you gave it all you had. Next time, you can create your own challenge and check off a full week.

Question: How many people do you recommend in a challenge group?

Answer: The optimal experience is with 10 or fewer participants. Why? Well, there are two main goals with this feature.

Of course, you’re aiming to challenge yourself, but you’ll also be motivated by and motivate everyone else in your group. It’s all based on behavioral science.

A small group of people that you care about will motivate you a lot more than a big group of strangers. Plus, it’s easier to assemble a small team committed to just 7 days of activity. You can always challenge other friends next week!

Now that you know everything there is to know about our new feature, we challenge YOU to create your own challenge group in the app. If you’re already signed up with Freeletics, tap here on your mobile device to get started. If you’re not a Free Athlete yet, sign up for free at the button below.

Ready? Set. Challenge Accepted!
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