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Freeletics Live Training: Women's Health Month Edition


Ready to work out *LIVE* along with our Ambassadors on Instagram? Then check the details below. 💪

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About the March 2022 Live Trainings:

  • Learn More about our Women's Health Month here
  • Read up on our Ambassadors and follow them on Instagram to keep in touch
    • Paula @pauvargas_freeletics

This goes out to the many enthusiastic fitness fans who have asked, "Does Freeletics have live training sessions?"

Our Live Training series is your chance to do your Freeletics workouts in sync with Free Athletes across borders and time zones. Get ready to sweat, push past your comfort zone, and win yourself a dose of those sweet happiness hormones along with motivated people just like you.

These special livestreamed workouts are led by our very talented Freeletics Ambassadors--users whose dedication to training with the Coach enabled them to smash their goals and earned them the privilege of leading others in the Freeletics community. 

If you've got about half an hour and the desire to get your body moving, they'll guide you through an entire training session from Dynamic Warmup to Active Cooldown

Expect tips, tricks, and inspiration, with a dash of personality as you go.

The calendar below shows all of our upcoming Freeletics Live Training sessions. Tap or click on any of the listings to see all the key details you'll need to have an enjoyable training, including:

  • Info on the Ambassador leading the training
  • An option to add the event to your own calendars
  • Helpful resources for learning exercises or workouts planned for the session
  • Details on any special holiday themes or challenges

Pro tip: Bookmark this page so you can easily check the schedule for updates and new sessions!

    Current schedule of Live Trainings

    How to join the sessions

    Once you know the date(s) and time(s) of the workouts you want to take part in, make sure you're following @Freeletics on Instagram, and you're good to go.

    When we're live, do this to join the stream:

    1. Simply open up Instagram at any time during our Instagram Live (see the schedule above!) Then navigate to look at your Stories (at the top edge of the app). Freeletics should be there with a colorful ring around our profile picture and the word "LIVE" at the bottom of it. 
      Freeletics IG Live icon
      Tap this to join when we're live!

    2. If you can't find us in your IG Stories at workout time, just navigate to our profile page and tap on our profile pic there to join in the action.

    And remember, you're always welcome to work out with us no matter where or when If you missed the start time by a bit, warm up and join as you're ready.

    We want you there alongside all of us! Every rep done together makes us all stronger.

    Loving these sessions but not yet part of the community? Tap the button below to create a profile for free!

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    Can't make it to the live session? We've got you covered!

    If you can't make it to the mat to participate in the live workout, you'll be able to find a recording of the most recently livestreamed session here, shortly afterwards: 

    Older livestream recordings are also available in this playlist. Just use the navigation tools in the player to find and play them.

    You can also find these recordings on our Facebook page, and on the IGTV feed on the official Freeletics Instagram page, too.

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