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Sweat for glory: the Freeletics Euro Cup


Roll out your mat and gear up for the ultimate community challenge: the Freeletics Euro Cup! This challenge is about uniting our 57 million users across the globe, training together, getting stronger together, and delivering a healthy dose of competition that will push you beyond your limits.

Fire up your motivation and crush some of the toughest God workouts—maybe even a few times over. Along with the fame and glory of being on the winning team, you'll have a shot at some amazing prizes.

Motivated and ready to win? Here’s how to take part.

How it works:

24 countries, 1 epic showdown: Every Free Athlete is called to join the inaugural Freeletics Euro Cup. Declare your allegiance to a team by training on match days and tagging your country's hashtag when you post your completed workout in the Freeletics feed (note: it must be shared in the feed to qualify).

Every completed God workout earns one "goal" for your country—regardless of speed or performance level. And you can complete up to 5 workouts per match—multiple workouts mean multiple points. So, aim high and for the gooallll! The country with the highest number of completed hash tagged workouts wins the match and scores the points.


Results will be shared Monday through Friday on our Freeletics Instagram Stories. We'll provide you with regular updates below after each stage (group, last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals), with a summary of the knockouts. Don't fall behind—keep coming back for the latest updates and stay ahead of the game.

The Freeletics Euro Cup Schedule

FL eurocup 2024_match plan_knockout.jpg

How to participate:

  • Our Freeletics Euro Cup showdown starts on Friday, June 14, 2024, and runs until Sunday, July 14, 2024, at 23:59 CET.
  • On match day (00:01 CEST - 23:59 CEST), support one of the two competing teams by completing the designated God workout and posting it in the feed with your country's hashtag.
    • *Note: The completed workout must be posted to the Freeletics feed to be eligible and cannot be logged!
  • God Workouts can be completed up to 5 times per match to earn multiple points for your team.
  • The country with the most hashtagged completed workouts wins the match and the points.
  • Results will be posted to our Freeletics Instagram account.
  • After each match, the winner advances to the next stage. Following every stage (group, last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals), we’ll update you here with a summary of the knockouts.
  • The challenge closes at 23:59 CET on Sunday, July 14. Workouts completed after the closing date will not be counted.
  • After each stage of the challenge, prizes will be raffled off amongst all eligible match workouts (don’t forget to post to the feed!). To have a chance at winning one of these top prizes, make sure to participate in every stage of the challenge, all the way through to the final, and the more workouts you do, the higher your chance of winning.

Make sure to tag your country with the following hashtag format in your Freeletics feed (Remember, your goal won't count unless you post it to your feed!):

Country Hashtags

























What are the prizes?

A raffle will be held after each group stage among all eligible participants. Here’s the lowdown on what you can win:

For battling through the group stage, we’ll be giving away:

  1. 30 1-month Freeletics Training & Nutrition Coach subscriptions
  2. 10 3-month Freeletics Training & Nutrition Coach subscriptions

As a reward for sweating it out in the Last 16 stage, we’re offering:

  1. 5 12-month Freeletics Training & Nutrition Coach subscriptions
  2. An Acupressure Mat
  3. A GOT Moon Bag

Supporting a team in the Quarter-Finals? Here's what's up for grabs:

  1. 5 12-month Freeletics Training & Nutrition Coach subscriptions
  2. 5 Freeletics No Excuses Workout Mats
  3. A Freeletics Starter Bundle

Your team has secured a spot in the Semis, and the prizes are now top-level exclusive. Here's what's on the table:

  1. A JBL Charge 5 portable speaker
  2. A Freeletics Lifetime Access subscription (Training and Nutrition)
  3. A Freeletics Starter Bundle

Victory in the Final is yours! Alongside the glory of being champions, here are the exclusive top-tier prizes that are up for grabs for Free Athletes who pick the winning team:

  1. 2 Freeletics Lifetime Access subscriptions (Training and Nutrition)
  2. A national jersey of your choice
  3. A Freeletics Starter Bundle

Show your team spirit and share your sweaty match day selfies! Use the hashtag #FreeleticsEuroCup and tag us @Freeletics, and your challenge video could land on our social media channels! Note: This isn't a contest requirement, but your profile must be public for us to see and share your video.

Please note that by taking part in the challenge, you confirm you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

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Group Stage Results

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