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Finding the right gym: What you need to consider

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Choosing the right gym isn’t always easy. And often the reason why many don’t go. Are the expensive, premium versions worth it or are you just as well going for a cheaper, basic studio? To assist you in the decision-making process, here’s a few things you should consider when choosing the best gym to suit your Freeletics training needs.

Availability and hours of operation

A very important point when choosing the right fitness studio is good accessibility. The shorter the journey, the easier it will be for most people to overcome their normal excuses and regularly go to the gym. It’s best to choose a studio near your home, your workplace, your school or university – or on the way between the places where you spend most of your time. Many studio chains have multiple branches so you might even have two of them in your area.

It’s also a good idea to consider what time of day you’re likely to train. The opening hours vary from studio to studio, but in any case, they should match your desired training time.

Training equipment

One of the advantages of the Freeletics training system is that you don’t actually need any fancy equipment. All you need is a barbell with extra weights, a weight rack, a weight belt, a bench and a pullup and dip bar if your weight rack isn’t suitable for these. For the Hybrid Strength Training Journey, it’s great if your weight room has some space next to the rack where you can put your mat for the bodyweight exercises. Almost all studios will have this equipment available in the free weight area. In choosing your studio, you should not consider how many or which machines are lined up, but simply make sure that there are sufficient barbells for you to perform your training easily at any time.

Rush-hour at the gym

A sample training session, usually offered free of charge by most studios, is suitable to assess how full the studio is. It’s best to test the gym at the time you will visit it most often. This way you can see how busy it will be. After all, nothing is more annoying than having to stand in line to use a barbell or the rowing machine.

Coach and support

With Freeletics, you will be guided through your complete workout and be shown the exercises. For beginners, or if you have any general uncertainties, it is important that there are trained personnel available to answer any questions. Due to low prices, many discount studios forego trainers, whereas premium studios often have many employees who constantly watch the training area. Also, experienced and helpful studio users can generally answer basic questions. When choosing your studio, make sure that in this respect, your needs will be met.

Cleanliness and atmosphere in the studio

Most studios have clear rules of conduct to ensure the cleanliness of the training area, changing rooms, showers, and toilets. During your visit, pay attention whether these are adhered to by all users. Ultimately, it’s important you feel at ease in the studio of your choice so as to be able to focus wholeheartedly on your training.

Price and contract details

Pay special attention to the price and keep in mind that a cheap option is not always the best choice. Due to low membership fees, some discount studios neglect very important factors like cleanliness and supervision – often, there are no trained personnel or only one supervisory person per studio.

Before choosing your studio, you should consider what services matter to you and what you are willing to pay for them. For example Wi-Fi, use of showers, towels, free refreshments etc. Some studios offer various pricing models – you only pay for what you actually use. If you care for wellness extras, you will pay a correspondingly higher monthly fee.

There is a minimum contract period of 12 months in most studios. However, there are also exceptions, for example, shorter terms or admissions of 10 for a flat rate. Both are, however, usually slightly more expensive than the regular 12-month membership. If you are not satisfied with your studio, just remember that you have to cancel your contract in time – usually three months before expiry.