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Fashion and fitness: Does what you wear matter?

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Why is there such a big focus on fashion and fitness? Does what you wear really matter? Does it have an impact on your performance or is it simply a marketing ploy?

When we tell you to wear your passion, we mean show the world what you’re made of. How else can you display your strength, determination and strong will, other than on the training ground? But actually, the feeling you get from wearing your training clothes goes way beyond this.

What you wear has been proven to affect not only how you feel but also what you do. “Enclothed Cognition” is the term used to describe the influence our clothing has on our psychological processes.

Does this mean that when you put on an item of sports clothing you’re likely to perform better? Actually yes this could well be the case. When you dress in your sports clothes, you don’t just look more athletic. You feel more athletic. Which, in turn can actually make you become more athletic.

But more importantly your sports clothes can be the deciding factor when you’re stuck between lying on the couch or getting up and going out to train. As soon as you have your training outfit on, you’re in character. You’ve passed the first stage of the decision making process and you are now prepared. Meaning you’re one step closer to actually doing it. One step closer to making a big change in your life.

And actually these benefits span way beyond your training too. Ever noticed that more and more people wear their sports gear on the morning coffee run? Or to the grocery store? What we wear mimics our lifestyle. If you’re proud of what you do, you show it. How we feel affects what we wear and what we wear affects how we feel. To act the part, you have to feel the part. And to feel the part, you have to look it. So even when you aren’t exercising, you still look like a strong, confident person who’s in control of their life. And chances are you feel like it too.

Bottom line is, what you wear does matter. It does have an impact. Especially if you are someone who needs that extra something to push them in the direction of exercising. Next time your motivation is low, give it a try. Slip into your sports clothes and see what happens. And don’t just choose any old sports clothes. You have to feel good in them. Even better if you look good in them too. Confidence is key to performance.

Dress like an athlete, you’ll be more inclined to perform like one on the training ground and act like one off it. The more confident you feel, the more you believe in your abilities, and the more likely you are to train at your best.