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Meet the faces of Freeletics

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At Freeletics we celebrate the struggle. The transformations. The journey as well as the result. We praise those who started from the bottom, and if there is ever an underdog, we’ll be on their team.

That’s why the faces you see in the new Freeletics 4.0 video, are not the usual glossy models, professional athletes or stunt doubles. These athletes, and Freeletics ambassadors, represent everything Freeletics stands for: Everyday individuals, who made the decision to stand out from the crowd, give up all excuses and dedicate each and every day to becoming their best version.

Introducing the definition of a Free Athlete. Meet the faces of Freeletics:



By day, Dorian is a web developer from France. But when he’s not in the office, you’ll find him on the training ground. A passionate Free Athlete of over 3 years.

“For me, being a Free Athlete means training anywhere, anytime, with others or alone. No Excuses. You continuously progress and push yourself past your limit every time.”

And with an Aphrodite PB of 13 mins 53 seconds, not many professional athletes out there could match Dorian’s performance.



The definition of unstoppable. Born in Moscow, grew up in Ukraine and Cuba, and now living in Germany, for this athlete, extreme conditions are nothing unusual.

“With Freeletics, I follow my goals, no matter if it’s 33°C or -13°C. I love the feeling that I CAN DO this. Feels like Freedom. Being asked to feature in the video was a dream come true. With Freeletics I reached my goals. I’m proud of this and so happy that now I can show everyone that they can too.”



Not many people will tell you their favorite workout is Kentauros. But for Bettina, a teacher from Austria, the tougher the challenge, the better.

“I enjoy doing Kentauros on sand because it makes it even harder. But now I’m looking forward to training with Freeletics 4.0. Many of the new exercises are a good opportunity to work on my strength, like straight bar dips or clapping pushups.”



Freeletics improves Kilian on a personal and professional level. The firefighter from Germany has been a Free Athlete for three and a half years and it was his passion for Freeletics that made him an easy choice to feature in the video.

“I live and breathe Freeletics. It’s more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle and I couldn’t be more proud to represent the community.”



This superhuman guy, didn’t always look like this. A few years ago, Michael caught our attention when he transformed his life with Freeletics. Now, he’s in better shape than most fitness models. The biggest difference is, he has the mind to match the muscle.

“The funny part is that on the second day of shooting the Freeletics 4.0 video, it suddenly started snowing and got really, really cold. But I have had these situations before during workouts so it was no big surprise and actually rather fun. Maybe it was also the excitement of testing the new update. It’s such a huge step. New exercises and the concept of working progressively towards new skills without focusing on time and new PBs makes the Freeletics concept even stronger.”