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Katrin’s story

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Freeletics is more than just a sport. Freeletics is a community. A way of life. Free Athletes get stronger physically. But they also get tougher mentally. This mental strength will get you through the most difficult moments in your life. It will help you get back on your feet when circumstances knock you down. Katrin discovered this. In her darkest moment, Freeletics gave her hope and purpose. This is her story.

Growing up, I was relatively sporty. At least, until I moved to Innsbruck, Austria to go to university. By the time I was 21, parties, alcohol and fast food had taken over my life. I was working in a bar to finance my studies, and I had no time for sports or a healthy diet. Well, that’s what I told myself.

Then three years ago my mother got cancer. This was a really tough time for me and my sisters. Thankfully, she recovered within a year. However, the stress had already damaged my body. That summer I got myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart. I nearly died. It took several months to recover completely. That was in 2012.

I finally started going to the gym again, I was eating healthy, and I was beginning to feel good. One day I was out skiing when I had a serious accident and ruptured my cruciate ligament. The doctors told me I needed surgery. They said I couldn’t play sports, and that I couldn’t work until my body healed. My entire world broke down. At the age of 27 I had to move back in with my parents. I tried not to get depressed. I wanted to enjoy life despite my injury, and as a result I gained 8kg.


When I was finally fit enough to do sports again, something happened that made everything else pale in comparison. My younger sister was murdered. I loved her so much. She was the most important person in my life at the time. From then on, it was all the same to me. Body, soul, life… nothing mattered.

For months, I ate terribly, drank vast amounts of alcohol and just lay in my bed. My body suffered. I lost bunches of hair and developed an intolerance to gluten. One day I realized I had to make a decision. Either my life was going to end this way, or I had to choose to live again. And that is where my Freeletics journey begins.

My flatmate, who is from Munich, told me about Freeletics in spring of 2014. I thought, “This is exactly what I need. Power workouts where I can reduce my frustrations and release my anger.” I had three goals. First, I wanted to get fit again after my injuries. Second, I perceived training as a task I could focus on to overcome my depression. Finally, Freeletics looked challenging. I just wanted to accomplish something without giving up.

When I started Freeletics, my flatmate was on holiday, so I began training on my own. I was crying by the end of my first Aphrodite. I was so exhausted, but the feeling of happiness afterwards was incredible. I immediately bought the Coach. By week three I was noticing positive changes in my body and my performance was increasing. I wanted to boost my performance even further so I started to adjust my diet and eat clean.

The changes I was experiencing went beyond Freeletics and sports. Suddenly I was able to concentrate better in my daily tasks. I was more relaxed and less stressed. I felt balanced and happy. People around me saw how I had changed. Some of them asked me why I was different, so I told them about Freeletics. Nearly everyone I told wanted to give it a try.

In April, I met a girl named Tina. She had already been training with Freeletics for a year. Together, we began leading groups and pushing the community in Innsbruck. Training with a group is super fun. The bigger the group gets, the more people are motivated. Each of us is a role model in one way or another. Helping each other out, whether in terms of sport or mental development gives us passion. More than 350 people have joined Freeletics Innsbruck and we grow bigger every day. You can find us on Facebook here.


Since I started Freeletics, I’ve been to Desenzani, Berlin, Salzburg and Vienna. No matter where I go, I continue my training. I love the sense of freedom it gives me. But more than anything else, I love the Freeletics Community. It provides a sense of solidarity, belonging, and motivation from all sides.

Several months ago I never would have believed I could feel happy and full of life again. Physically, I lost 8kg, strengthened my muscles and became more fit than ever before. I can sprint again, and for the first time in my life I can do a pullup. Freeletics gives me a purpose in life. I follow it with passion, and it satisfies me from head to toes.

Despite the very hard strokes of fate I suffered, I am happy and I can laugh again. I am a completely new person. I am a Free Athlete. I have new goals and I pursue my path with joy, fun, motivation, team spirit, confidence and faith in my abilities. I will never give up.

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I would tell everyone who is thinking about starting Freeletics: Go for it! It will be the best experience of your life. Never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Do not think about the pain during your workout. Just do it. Keep telling yourself to go on until you are finished. And always think about the intoxicating feeling you get after your training. If there is a training group in your area, join them. They will become your second family. If not, grab your friends and start a group. But no matter how and where you work out, keep going. Freeletics will change your life!

Everyone has their own reasons for starting Freeletics. Some people want to get in shape. Some want to compete. Others are looking for community. Katrin used Freeletics to get her life back together. The focus and discipline she gained from her training gave her a stronger mind, stronger body, and real community. No matter why you start, you can experience the same benefits. If there are no training groups in your city, start one!