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The 3 popular exercises you're probably doing wrong


No matter how simple the exercise, there’s always room to improve your technique. The movements we do the most often and without a second thought are often those we’re most likely to do wrong. Not only could this counteract the positive effects of the exercise, but it could even lead to injury. With that in mind, here are the top three exercises that you’re probably doing wrong.

#1 Running

It is very difficult to run perfectly - everybody’s body mechanics are different, after all - but there are so many potential pitfalls when it comes to running technique, that the chances are, you probably run “wrong”. Things to avoid when it comes to running are overstriding, hunching over and vertical oscillations, or bouncing. You should also try to keep your arms moving in a forward motion rather than a lateral motion in order to make your movement more efficient.

#2 Squats

When done correctly, squats are a great lower body and core exercise, but are you doing them correctly? The biggest mistake people make with squats is not going down low enough. This reduces the effectiveness of the movement because it limits the range of motion.

For the ideal squat, your hips should be lower than your knees. You should also make sure that your knees don’t cave in as this means that your glutes aren’t activated which transfers force to your knee joints and ligaments, setting you up for big knee problems.

#3 Situps

Situps are pretty much the simplest-looking core exercise out there, but the chances are, your technique isn’t up to scratch. Especially when you’re doing a lot of repetitions or doing them quickly, it can be easy to lose form and use your back and neck to propel yourself to a seated position rather than engaging your core. Not only does this make the exercise less effective, but it can strain the back and neck, possibly leading to long term injury, so always make sure to keep your core engaged.

Let’s recap:

Next time you’re doing any of these exercises, remember to bear these points in mind. Paying extra attention to your technique has untold benefits; not only will this reduce the risk of injury, but you’ll get much more from the exercise.

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