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Endurance, conditioning, strength: What’s the difference?

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All Freeletics interval trainings are designed for a specific purpose and adapted to your skill and fitness level. They are a precise tool when it comes to helping you reach your goals. Each of the three has a specific purpose: Strength, Conditioning and Endurance. Read more to discover the main goal of each interval and how we advise you tackle it best.

Endurance interval

During a Freeletics endurance interval, you’re performing mostly full body exercises at a really fast pace. Make sure you don’t pace yourself but instead go all out. In the breaks between the rounds you get the chance to catch your breath and recover, that’s why you should give your all during the rounds. The Endurance intervals help you to develop the endurance required to complete the god workouts even faster and with a consistent pace.

Conditioning interval

Prepare to do many repetitions of all exercises in Conditioning. Focus on clean repetitions, and not speed. Try to complete the interval without taking additional breaks in between the rounds but instead sticking to a steady pace. Conditioning helps you to perform more of the exercises you like without having to take a break in between. As the focus is on clean repetitions, your body will get more used to doing these exercises and over time your form will improve. You will find many core exercises in conditioning, as the core is often the weak spot and since having a strong core is required in every workout, it’s important this is worked on.

Strength interval

Strength intervals are all about learning new exercises in depth and step-by-step. Here you will get the chance to take your time and try new things, without the pressure of time. Focus on precise execution of tough exercises in every round. There are only a few repetitions to complete for each round, however the exercises themselves will make completion hard for you. After time you will develop the strength you need to perform more repetitions of these exercises, maybe even at a faster pace. The exercises focus on certain parts of your body, to especially work on areas where you want to improve the most.