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Effective training to improve general fitness and endurance

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Is your training goal performance-based? You don’t care too much about losing weight or gaining muscle but instead just want to feel fitter, perform everyday tasks easier or play with the children without getting out of breath? Then read more to discover the most effective Freeletics training system, based on that goal.

Goal: Improve General Fitness

Fitness level: All fitness levels

Recommended Coach: Freeletics Bodyweight

Complement your training with: Freeletics Gym and Running

If you want to improve your general fitness, we recommend you to focus on Freeletics Bodyweight. You can occasionally spice up your training with Gym or Running workouts. In this case we recommend a ratio of 3:1:1, meaning: If you select 5 training days a week and have little to no training experience, we suggest 3 days Bodyweight, 1 day Running and 1 day Gym. This means you will experience a holistic training experience where all aspects of physical fitness are covered.

For the more experienced athlete, you might want to think about adding an extra gym session to your week. Highly experienced athletes can utilize the full power of the training systems with Freeletics Gym better and hence get a better overall effect from it.
During the high intensity bodyweight workouts you will push yourself to your physical and mental limits. Over time your body gets used to this and adapts. Therefore you develop a higher baseline where you are used to the feeling of being totally exhausted and out of breath. And with each workout it takes more to get you to this point.

If it’s endurance and stamina you are aiming to improve, then adding one or two extra long distance runs to your week will support your efforts.

We know that not everyone has the same goal. Do you want to lose weight and reduce body fat? Or gain muscle strength and size? In any case, Freeletics has the perfect training systems for you. Find out more in this article.

You can discover more information on each of the Freeletics training methods and get some tips for beginners.

Now all that’s left to do is get your All Access Training Coaches and get to work on becoming your greatest version. #NoExcuses