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Could making your bed be the most important part of your day?

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Everyone knows the feeling: the alarm rings, you hit snooze and before you know it, you’re already late for work. Jumping out of bed you throw on any old clothes and rush to still try and make it on time. As you close the door, you take a look at your unmade bed. It’s the least of your worries. An unimportant chore that can wait until later right? This right here is your day already off to a bad start. Making your bed should be top of your priority list, and here’s why:

Making your bed is a keystone habit

Let us introduce you to a life changing term worth remembering: ‘keystone habit’. Small actions requiring minimum effort but overtime, creating maximum impact. These small actions, once they become a routine, create a chain reaction. Spilling over to other habits, they affect how we eat, sleep, work, live and communicate. And as insignificant as they might seem, these help us create new structures and start a process of change that could well end-up transforming our whole life.

It’s a catalyst for a productive day

As unenjoyable as it might seem at the beginning, stick at it and making your bed will become a mind-clearing morning routine. One that starts a kick-ass, conquering day. Are you a messy, unorganised person? This could the answer to your problems. Once your bed looks good, you feel the need to make sure the rest of your room looks good. And hey, why stop there? You’re already in the flow. Now you want everything to look good. You’ve set a high standard for the rest of the day. Work, training, cooking, household chores: it’s likely you won’t let anything fall below the bar you’ve set yourself.

See it as the first obstacle of your day. Do you really want to leave your house having already been defeated? What’s 5 minutes when the results could last the whole day? Try it for yourself. Make it your keystone habit.