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The hottest training method for 2019

Contrast Training Cut

Hate having to choose between resisted weight training and bodyweight training? The good news is, you no longer have to. We’ve applied contrast training, an effective exercise method that combines resisted weight training with unresisted bodyweight exercises, to the brand new Freeletics Hybrid Strength Training Journey. Guaranteed to transform the way you train with Freeletics and transform your body into a explosive accelerating machine, it’s time you learned more from the Freeletics Training experts.

What is it?

Contrast training is actually a pretty simple concept: You start with one set of a heavy resisted exercise, then you follow it immediately with an explosive, unresisted or lightly resisted bodyweight exercise. Both exercises mimic each other in style. For instance, a contrast set could consist of a set of heavy back squats for 5 reps, paired with 5 explosive high jumps immediately afterwards. By doing these contrasting exercises in immediate succession, your body builds up both strength and explosive power. It also enhances your neuromuscular efficiency and increases the speed at which your nervous system communicates with your muscles.

How does it work?

The heavy lift activates your fast-twitch muscles and neuromuscular system, which can remain elevated for up to several minutes afterwards. This means, when you perform the following unresisted, explosive movements, you will have more power; this is known as the Post-Activation Potentiation (or PAP) effect, allowing you to jump higher and takeoff faster.

But beware...

You will, be left feeling fatigued; if you’ve never had shaky legs from strength training before, you’re about to! Unlike most training methods, contrast training isn’t one you should be doing two days in a row. Leave at least one day in between contrast training sessions (after a contrast training day, your Coach will only ever schedule a bodyweight-only session) to allow your muscles to recover so you can perform just as well next time and really reap the benefits.

Oh and one more thing…if you’re used to high intensity, no rest workouts - which most Free Athletes are - contrast training can seem pretty boring. However, the long rests in between sets are necessary because this is when the real results happen. Because the weight used should be close to your max, if you don’t follow the rest, your muscles won’t be able to recover. Neurological training is intense for the body, therefore you need a break. #NeverSkipTheRest

Who is it for?

Contrast training is suitable for everyone, as long as you have a cursory knowledge of weights training. It’s a real performance-based training method, that teaches your body and brain to generate more explosive power can help anybody get more from their workout and move further towards achieving their goals. Contrast training can help improve your daily life; the body is designed to bend, twist, run, jump and throw in all directions and this training method develops functional movement in all directions and across all planes of motion. It can, however, particularly aid performance in sports involving sprinting, jumping, throwing and weightlifting.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Then it’s time for you to accept the challenge. Start your contrast training experience now with our Hybrid Strength Training Journeys and enjoy the benefits of a powerful body, that moves fast and lifts heavy.