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From love handles to loving exercise – Alex’s story


With his 40th birthday fast approaching, Alex was determined to get into the best shape of his life. Already a member of the Freeletics community, Alex saw an ad for an upcoming 12-week bootcamp and decided he had nothing to lose by applying.

Time to tighten up

Although never overweight or particularly out of shape, Alex was still unhappy with his body. Naturally skinny, he found it hard to build muscle and create definition, and he felt self-conscious of the weight he stored around his lower torso and the “love handle look.”

To his surprise, Alex was selected, and he threw himself into the intense training and nutrition program. What he learned in the following 12 weeks changed all his preconceived ideas of what it meant to exercise and eat well, and things changed rapidly.

Finding his inner chef

For Alex, the hardest part was the nutrition plan, cooking from scratch, and eating a lot more to fuel his training. Alex worked hard to ensure all his meals were balanced, as well as eating breakfast, which he’d always skipped.

Weight and resistance training now became Alex’s go-to in the gym, and under the guidance of the Freeletics coaches, he grew in size and confidence. Following a tailored Freeletics nutrition plan and using Freeletics God workouts 3 to 4 times a week saw Alex craft his dream body in just under four months.

Learning to love working out

In addition to major physical changes, Alex’s mindset also improved drastically, learning to love exercise and all the positive things it can bring and embracing the gym rather than shying away from it.

He’s determined to share his newfound knowledge with others to motivate and encourage them to train hard, eat right, and achieve things they never thought possible.

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