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16 characteristics of a Free Athlete

FreeAthlete 1

Do you eat, sleep and breath Freeletics? Practice burpees in your dreams? Carry a spare set of exercise clothes with you at all times? Recruit the whole office to join your training group? Then it’s official. You’ve become a Free Athlete.

And you’re certainly not alone. Here are 15 characteristics that all Free Athletes pick up. Which ones do you recognize?

  1. Checking your Freeletics feed is your nightly ritual before you go to bed and the first thing you do when you wake up.
  2. “No Excuses” applies to everything you hesitate doing. “It’s too late to take out the trash” – No Excuses. “I don’t have time to finish the essay before the weekend” – No Excuses.
  3. You go to greet your boss with a ClapClap instead of a handshake.
  4. Every time you pass a group of people training in the park, check for a few minutes to see if they’re doing Freeletics, smile, say NICE and keep going.
  5. “Perfect for pullups” springs to mind every time you see an elevated bar.
  6. Before booking a holiday you always check if the destination has a training group.
  7. You touch your biceps, abs or thighs once a day to check the progress of your gains. Be honest with this one!!
  8. Conquering Aphrodite, Kentauros or any of the other ancient Greek Gods is just a normal Monday morning for you.
  9. Your idea of a selfie is different to most people’s – the selfie you’re proud of is the one that shows the most sweat.
  10. You compare every difficult challenge you face in life to your first time doing Aphrodite. If it’s not as tough, then it’s not a problem.
  11. Before tackling a chore, a voice inside your head says “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Go”.
  12. You set goals for everything – every time you do an everyday task, like washing your dishes, you check your watch after and see if you achieved a new PB.
  13. You evaluate your tasks by thinking “Star-worthy or not?”.
  14. Your living room, bedroom, office and kitchen all have one important thing in common…a 2×2 space.
  15. Before you would say “I need better weather to train”. Now you say “I need better waterproofs”.
  16. You have a training mat at home, at the office and in the car. Just in case.