How can I get a star?

To save confusion: We haven’t changed the meaning of the star, or taken it away. The star is always a sign of good technique. The only thing that’s changed is how you can earn it. Where before you would give yourself a star after a workout, now, you will be assigned a star depending on your technique feedback.

Do a god workout, an exercise or an interval and you will be asked to give the Coach feedback on your technique, right after. You can assess your technique by choosing from different options on a slider, ranging from poor to excellent. The better your performance and the closer you are to being excellent, the more likely it is that you will earn a star. You can see whether or not you earned a star while moving the slider in the technique feedback. Usually, the Coach assigns you a star when you complete everything as prescribed with perfect technique but please beware that the technique feedback might slightly vary for different trainings.

For intervals and God workouts, you’ll earn a star when you manage to complete the exercises as prescribed and/or even with perfect technique.

Wondering why you no longer assign the star yourself? The Coach wants you to reflect on your training, think about what you did right or wrong and how you can improve in the future, and work for your rewards. Practice, earn, repeat.