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Zaída’s story

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“Whenever you face the challenge of being consistent, when you are working towards a goal unsure of how long it will take to achieve it, there is nothing better than leaving your fears behind and looking forward. You, can do it. You are definitely able to become the best version of yourself, try it and see for yourself.”

This is what Zaída Sánchez, our Free Athlete from Elche, Spain; has to say about her experience with Freeletics and how she feels about being one of the Hispanic community’s most inspirational Free Athletes.

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“I’m Zaída Sánchez, a Free Athlete from Spain, since the start of 2015: 10 months and 3 Hell Weeks. I started working out with Freeletics after seeing some of the amazing results of other Free Athletes. Seeing new, rejuvenated people that even looked so much happier than before made me want to see if I could do ti too. If I was capable of pushing myself to the limit during each workout. I knew that the road was going to be tough, but I wanted to be the best version of myself.

Since starting Freeletics I have experienced tremendous changes. The physical changes were clear as of week 7. My body became so much more toned and stronger. But the mental changes were even more impressive.  “I can’t”, “I’m tired”, “I want to give up”, and “not today” were erased from my vocabulary. I feel so much happier and cheerful. Freeletics has also opened me up to others. Now, I am more confident and want to meet other athletes who share my passion, something that would have been unthinkable before.”

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“I have the most trouble with strength exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, toes to bar…even though I’m gradually improving my technique. Pull-ups are, without a doubt, the hardest thing for me. But it is still my goal, I will not give up. The easiest thing for me are stand-ups. It seems like I was made to do them and Kentauros is my favorite workout. I feel like a true winner every time I complete it.”

What do you consider the most important element about your change with Freeletics?

“Discipline, when it comes to both working out and nutrition. I wake up with hopes and a desire to face new challenges and keep moving forward. I no longer stay home all day like I used to. Now I put on my sneakers, grab my mat and get down to business.

Have I stopped since achieving my initial goal? No way! I’ve just got started. And day by day I’m becoming more motivated. Why stop if I’ve made it this far? I still have a lot of challenges to face, a lot of personal bests to beat. It is so integrated into my life that it’s impossible to stop.”

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We’ve seen you everywhere (Barcelona, Madrid, Bali, Paris, etc.). Where do you normally train?

“Freeletics is an essential part of my daily routine. I get up early every day to do my workout before going to work or anywhere else.  This way I start my day with energy. No excuses with Freeletics, it requires less than one hour a day, therefore you can always find a moment to train. I have done Freeletics at the beach, in the mountains, in parks, in hotels, at home… any place is good.

At first, I trained at home and at my city’s running track. Now I train anywhere I can. The best thing about Freeletics is that you don’t need any equipment. You can do it whenever and wherever you want, which is why Freeletics follows me everywhere I go.”

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You’ve become one of the most inspirational Free Athlete’s in the Spanish-speaking world. How do you experience your popularity within the community?

“I am very surprised to have a lot of followers. It makes me happy to know that there are so many people supporting me and encouraging me to continue after each workout. I love talking to all of them and finding out how they are all doing. Some of them have become true friends of mine; they are the ones who motivate me the most.”

What advice can you give to other Free Athletes?

“Never give up! You can do it. No matter how hard the exercise may seem, you have to overcome that fear and look forward. It’s totally worth every second of pain. Trust me. You guys can do it!”

#ClapClap for Zaída! Her inspiration is the reason that so many Free Athletes move forward and never give up. Now it’s your turn! Inspire the community. What does being a Free Athlete mean to you? What is your goal? We want to know what motivates you to move forward.