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Winter training motivation


It’s that time of year: it’s dark and cold when you wake up and dark and cold when you get home. Training outside is the last thing you want to do; better to just stay at home where it’s warm and dry, right?

Wrong. At least according to these Free Athletes. True freedom is being able to train anytime, anywhere, no matter what time of year. Here’s just a few of the things that motivate the Freeletics Community to train outside when the weather takes a turn.

“What motivates me is the feeling afterwards. To have defied the weather and the cold. That you can not be put off. Because of the sport you have the opportunity to be outside in spite of the unpleasant temperatures.”

“I'm more efficient when it's cold; I sweat less and the fresh air helps me recover faster between sets. In addition, it is generally night when I train in winter, so I have less visual distractions while training and I'm more focused on the movements and my breathing.”

"I love how I feel when I’ve completed a training in the winter because, despite the adverse circumstances, I’ve beaten the cold and darkness. This makes me happy."

“It’s difficult to motivate myself to train in the winter, but when you’re in a group, sharing the same passion in the dream training spot, the motivation is totally there. All you need to know is that it’s important to wrap up warm before and after.”

“It's cold, it's raining, it's dark earlier, but personally it's at this time that I have better results and better times. Just remember to warm up well and keep your head and hands covered.”

“The freshness outside can be a real comfort if you’re doing a difficult cardio workout; it means you don’t overheat so much.”

“It makes me feel mentally stronger to know that I’ve beaten my demons and trained in the cold and that feels great!”

“The cold is perfect for cooling you down during Burpees!”

Let’s recap:

Of course, when training outside in winter, it’s important to remember to warm up properly and to keep your extremities covered, but really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go!

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