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International Women’s Day: Why you are your own hero

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We know something you don’t know: it’s how incredible you really are. Your body is a one-of-a-kind machine, and your mind is more powerful than any man-made device ever created. So never allow yourself to feel overshadowed, incapable or powerless just because you are a woman.

If you think you are nothing more than average, that what you do in your daily life doesn’t matter or have an impact, then it’s time to redefine the difference between average and awesome. Weight, height, age, profession or gender does not define you or make you any better or less than someone else. The attitude it takes to be different, to be determined and to take control, does.

Whenever you struggle during your next workout and this makes you question your strengths, capabilities and coordination skills, remember: women hold the weight of the world on their shoulders. You multitask every single day. On average, a woman can juggle up to six tasks. Whereas a man, only one. And whether you run a household, or a department; write reports, or read bedtime stories; lift weights, or run miles: everything you do, you do it with determination, femininity, and the ability to stay true to who you are. When you look at it this way, a workout is the easy part in the whole equation.

Whenever you feel powerless over your future, remember: you have every tool you require to shape it: A body. A mind. The rest of your life. The only thing missing is the decision to put these tools to good use. And in actual fact, you’ve got that too.


So today, stop waiting for a leader, decision-maker or enabler. Today we urge you to take center stage. To no longer depend on someone else. To forget the fears that hold you back and instead, take on even more new challenges, and conquer even more new goals. Today you realise that you don’t need a hero. You already have one: You.