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5 ways Freeletics makes you healthier

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With the stresses, pressures and temptations of modern life, keeping your body and your mind healthy isn’t easy. Establishing habits like exercising and eating healthily are the best tools we have to keep our bodies in tip top condition. Which is where Freeletics comes in. Here are the top five ways Freeletics could be the health game-changer you’ve been looking for.

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Tough training builds mental resilience

With Freeletics, you’re not just training your body, you’re training your mind too. We’ve built a product that doesn’t allow for shortcuts or taking the easy way out. With our workouts, you have to push yourself up to and beyond your limits. It’s a journey of self-discovery, finding out that you can do things you never thought you could. Freeletics makes for both a healthy body and a healthy mind.

HIIT makes you fit, fast and strong

HIIT is the core of Freeletics. We don’t believe in spending hours pounding away on the treadmill, we believe in fast, intense workouts that get the job done better and faster. During high intensity working periods, the body experiences an oxygen deficit and needs to restore itself to pre-exercise level. It is this excess postexercise oxygen consumption – EPOC for short – that boosts the metabolism and results in 6-15% more calories being burned in comparison to an aerobic workout. Another interesting point to consider is that during a HIIT workout, the body is able to burn calories yet still maintain the building of muscle mass – meaning you get the best of both worlds. And that’s not all: this boost in your metabolism has several more positive effects on your health such as lowering blood pressure, increasing cardiovascular health and improving cholesterol levels.

Exercise beats stress and makes you happier

Studies have proven that 64% of people who work out for just 15 minutes a day, four times a week consider exercise a major stress reliever. And you don’t need to spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill to achieve this; just 20 minutes is enough to feel the stress relief benefits and with Freeletics, 20 minutes is all you need.

When you do any exercise, the body starts to produce the happiness hormones after around 20 minutes. However, when you do HIIT exercises, this process begins after just a few minutes. Not only does this make you more engaged in your workout, but it leaves you feeling happy and relaxed afterwards too.

Training together boosts performance

A huge part of Freeletics is the Community. From Rio to Rome and from London to Los Angeles, being a Free Athlete means being part of a worldwide community. Training with a group is not only more fun than training alone, but has also been proven to improve performance. A recent study showed that people who trained with a group were able to hold a plank for 24% longer than when they worked out alone.

Following a nutrition plan keeps you on track to your goals

Eating healthily isn’t always easy and it can be especially difficult if you’re flying blindly without any guidance. It’s widely acknowledged that reaching training or body goals is 80% dependent on nutrition; indeed, the most successful Freeletics transformations combine both Training and Nutrition. With a nutrition plan showing you the way, you’re more likely to reach your training, weight loss or health goals. And when that nutrition plan is specifically tailored to you and your goals, sticking to it and reaching your goals becomes even easier.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey to becoming a healthier you today.

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