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Freeletics: Understanding your weekly training plan

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By starting with the Freeletics Coach, you’ve devoted yourself to a rewarding journey – a journey that will lead you to becoming your best version. Before attacking your very first workout with our training system, we want to help make things as clear as possible for you. So all that’s left for you to worry about is your performance. Below you will find a short overview of the different types of workouts that your Training Journey may contain.

The classics: Freeletics God workouts

Aphrodite, Hades, Kentauros and their friends. Whenever you spot a Greek God workout in your Training Journey, you know it’s time to face the ultimate challenge and meet the Gods. What makes these special? God workouts are all about time and speed. This means: leaving your comfort zone behind and going all out, as fast as you can, for every repetition – but still with proper technique. Your personal best (PB) or last time (LT) allows you to measure your progress and compare your next workout time to your current or previous time. Of course you should always try to beat it, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t. You can’t be your fastest every time. Just focus on giving everything you’ve got for every workout and you will become your best version in the long run.

The shorter ones: Partial workouts

Partial workouts are effectively shortened versions of the Freeletics Gods. Sometimes your Coach might assign you 3/5 Aphrodite, 2/6 Kentauros or any other partial workout. You may be thinking: “But Coach, I can definitely do more”. Don’t worry. Your Coach knows that you can do more. What he’s aiming for however, is not providing you with the longest workout possible but with the best training effect possible. Look at world class athletes, their training does not only contain long and intense workouts but also short trainings. Your Freeletics Coach does the same by adding variety to your training sessions. On some days he’ll put you through hell, on others he’ll go easier on you – because you’ve earned it and also to allow you to recover faster. #CoachKnows. But don’t take this as an excuse to go easy: Either way, your job is still to do the partial workouts as fast as possible.

Interval trainings: The most personalized Freeletics workouts

Whereas the God workouts include the exact same exercises and the exact same amount of repetitions for every athlete, interval trainings are individually put together for you by your Coach. And that’s not the only difference: Intervals are performed at a specific pace – slow, moderate, fast or maximum and are to be completed without using a timer. Unlike the Gods, with intervals, your progress is not measured in time, but instead skill level and technique. And make no mistake: sometimes it can be even harder to perform the exercises at a slow pace. Intervals guide you towards mastering new exercises, help you to reach your goal more specifically and most importantly, help you improve movement quality in your own time. If you want to, you can also dive deeper into the different kinds of Freeletics interval training.

Single exercises: Your technique sessions

Apart from interval and God workouts, the Coach will also assign you different amounts of repetitions of single exercises. These could, for example be 5 burpees, 10 crunches or 15 squats. Advanced athletes might wonder why the Coach assigns them a low number of repetitions even when they could do more. The answer is: Very often, the real challenge lies in doing it right rather than doing more. Single exercises can therefore be seen as a technique session. Ignore the timer and focus on performing all repetitions with the best possible movement quality. Watch the instruction videos properly. Imagine the whole world was watching you. Make sure you’re executing the exercise as correctly as possible. Never underestimate technique training. You will need it when you’re up against the Gods.

Let’s recap

To sum things up: Interval workouts are designed just for you and your personal goals. They will make you faster, more persistent, stronger and help you unlock new exercises and skills. Single exercises are your technique training sessions that will help you progress. And God workouts are your challenge to show the community and yourself what you’re capable of. With all of them combined, trust us, you will reach your goals and become your best version in no time.