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Update: Freeletics Training Journeys


We recently made improvements to the way you train with the Coach. The Freeletics training system now offers unique, time-framed Training Journeys that cater more to your needs and focus solely on your goals - from beginning to end. Read on to learn about the recent update, and what these differences mean for you and your current training with the Coach.

What are Training Journeys?

A Training Journey is what you will follow when you train with the Freeletics Coach. Each Journey is designed to help you reach a specific goal, and includes workouts and exercises that are tailored to you and continuously adapt to your progress. The aim of a Training Journey is to provide a holistic, guided and personalized experience, so that each user, no matter their goal, capabilities or interests, can find a method that suits them. While we might offer one Training Journey package to all athletes with the same goal, each athlete’s journey itself will be unique, and no two sets of exercises and workouts will be the same. The best thing about this is that, although we encourage you to try out different Journeys to add variety to your training, you can always go back and do the same Training Journey multiple times and still see and feel effects since the Coach continues to adjust the experience to your current capabilities.

What kind of Training Journeys are available?

We aim to provide Training Journeys that are suitable for everyone. Regardless of your level (beginner to advanced), your goal (lose weight, gain muscle), or your training preferences (cardio or strength training), we’ve got a Training Journey for you. Check out the available Journeys here.

How to choose your Training Journey

Your personalized Training Journey is driven by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, also known as the Freeletics Training Coach. When it comes to selecting your Journey, the Coach is there to steer you in the right direction. First, your Coach will ask you some questions, for example your gender, goal, fitness level, age, height and weight. Based on your answers, the Coach will present you with a selection of Training Journeys that suit you best, with a No. 1 recommendation at the top. Take a look through the Training Journeys and see which one you prefer. Once you’ve selected your Journey, you can customize your week by training days, equipment available, whether or not you will have somewhere to run, and limitations. After this, your first week begins.

What does a Training Journey include?

Almost all Training Journeys follow a cycle which includes an assessment week, training weeks and a Hell Week. During the assessment week, the Coach gets to know you. By closely monitoring your performance at the beginning, your Coach will get a clear understanding of your fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you start at a point that’s 100% right for you. For bodyweight-only Training Journeys, the following training weeks will include a mixture of technique training, individualized intervals and high intensity God workouts. If you select a Training Journey involving weights, the cycle will differ depending on the training method. Find out more about our Training Journeys with weights here.

Each session in your training week includes a warmup and a cooldown and gives you the chance to provide feedback. For most of you, Hell Week will be your challenge. Think of it as the competition you’ve been training for. It will test your progress by giving you 7 days of training that only include the God workouts.

Can you switch between Journeys?

If at any time you decide that the current Training Journey is not right for you, or you want to try something different, all you have to do is go into the “you” tab and select “change Journey”, where you will be able to select another Journey recommended for you. The good news is that your progress will be stored, and your current fitness level will be the starting point of your new Training Journey.

What’s the difference between the old and the new training system?

If you’ve already been training with the Freeletics Training Coach, you’re likely to notice a few changes:

  • You will no longer be able to change your Coach focus from week to week. That’s because the new Training Journeys have been designed to follow a specific Coach focus for the entire duration of your training to ensure maximum results over a longer period of time. By switching to another Training Journey you are more or less switching your Coach focus.
  • We’ve also given the 2x2 feature an upgrade. Now, instead of replacing parts of the God workouts that include distances, it will generate a completely new Coach day that suits your training space and doesn’t require equipment.
  • You will no longer be asked to do an initial fitness test. Instead, the Coach will base your first week’s training on your self-assessed fitness level (the questions you are asked at the beginning), and will adapt the training to your performance and progress over time. This enables the Coach to develop a more rounded idea of your fitness levels based on how you perform when following the training structure.

So, what are you waiting for? The Training Journeys are waiting for you in your app now, so head over to start your Journey.