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NEW: Enter the Cage by Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson


Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is a champion MMA fighter and one of the greatest UFC competitors of all time. He knows what it takes to reach the top of your game and he’s all too aware of the commitment, effort and dedication it takes to get there. Now, Wonderboy is sharing his training routine with you.

Working alongside the Freeletics Coach team, Wonderboy has created his very own limited edition Training Journey, Enter the Cage, designed to give you an insight into how he trains and what it takes to triumph in the octagon.

Train like Wonderboy

Wonderboy is a fighter of the highest order and for a fighter, nothing is more important than strength and endurance. If you’re going for victory, you have to be able to outlast your opponent. There are no shortcuts. That’s why Wonderboy specifically focused on explosive strength and muscular endurance exercises in his Training Journey; they’re absolutely central to his performance on fight days.

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The Journey

Over 12 weeks, get exclusive insights from Wonderboy himself as you develop the skills, strength and technique needed to triumph in the octagon. Whatever your level, Wonderboy will guide you through your Journey at a pace that best suits you; he might be the number one, but this Journey is for everyone.

Expect exercises like Burpees, Jackknives, Pushups and Squat Jumps as you get a window into the training habits of one of the world’s best MMA fighters in this bodyweight-only Journey. And of course, no Freeletics Training Journey would be complete without Hell Week, the final week of your Journey in which you can put all that you’ve learnt to the test.

Ready to start?

Now it’s down to you. Want to follow in Wonderboy’s footsteps? This is your chance. Download the Freeletics app now to start your Enter the Cage Training Journey.