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How to torch 400 calories in 30 minutes


Did you know that your calorie expenditure per run depends on your own body weight and speed? Here is a simple example: if you weigh 90 kg you need more energy per kilometer at the same pace than if you only weigh 45 kg. The higher the body weight the more energy is required. Sure, your body weight is something given, which cannot be changed in the short term. But what you can change today is the speed at which you run. Speed is a major factor in your calculation if you want to blast a certain amount of calories in a given time. Consequently, speeding up is the simplest way to torch 400 kcal in 30 min.

To give you an idea: with a body weight of 75 kg you have to run one kilometer in about 5.30 min. What if you are not able yet to run fast for 30 min? Interval training might just be your solution. Take our Freeletics Running workout Xerxes as a starting point. If you go all out during the first ten minutes to boost your metabolism your calorie expenditure increases considerably. For the remaining runs you can decrease your pace to a medium level, which you usually apply for long-term runs, and still reach your goal.

Running fast demands a lot from you muscles. Sprinting at maximum load is a real energy guzzler. You know you’re sprinting when you reach the limits of your physical capacity. It is therefore extremely difficult to sustain this performance for a long time and beginners may shy away from this kind of training. Let’s pick a Seth workout for example. It is based on six sprints and takes about 30 min with a 15 min warm-up. Between the sprints you have got two to four minutes to recover and get ready for the next one. For those who want to burn even more calories we recommend to keep on running at a medium speed during the breaks.

To sum it up: running fast torches calories, running faster torches even more calories. It is therefore reasonable to integrate sprint training in your training plan. Soon you will be able to burn more calories in less time. Make your training more efficient. Check out our workout section in the Freeletics Running App, choose Xerxes or Seth and just start.