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The greatest gift you’ll get this Christmas

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At Christmas, it’s easy to lose focus of what matters. Our attention turns to gifts. To the material things in life. We spend hours, even days searching for the perfect presents for others. And with this, we forget what really matters. Life is too short to not realize your potential. Greatness is ready and waiting for you to achieve it. So let’s take a time out. Step back. Appreciate the greatest gift of all. Life.

Many strive so hard for material success. Yet in the end, materialistic possessions are not the key to happiness and fullfillment. When you look back on life, these will never be the things you remember. Instead it is your experiences, your successes, your failures and your struggles that stand out. You cannot put a price on greatness, yet you can decide it’s worth. So stop trading time for money. Life has a deeper meaning. The only wealth that matters is being rich in health, strength, knowledge, skill and character. These are the things that make you rich in happiness.

Even when life challenges us, it’s a gift beyond all measures. A gift to yourself. And you deserve to make it the best gift of all. Don’t waste it being unhappy or dissatisfied. Never take it for granted. Appreciate every single day and make each last second count.

Wherever you are right now, think back to last Christmas. Seems like just yesterday doesn’t it? That’s because life has a way of slowly creeping up on us. Then, without warning, passing us by. Before you know it a moment becomes a memory. Every minute you spend staring through a shop window, is another one lost. And unlike unwanted Christmas gifts, time is something you cannot return or reclaim.

The real source of greatness is not always wealth. It doesn’t come down to material things. Greatness is on your terms. It comes down to your mind. Your inner strength. Your imagination and having the faith in your future.

So this year, save the best gift until last. Empower yourself. Trust your hard work and determination. Take full responsibility of this life that you have been given and give your all to pursuing your dreams. You are about to live the life you always intended to. Because you are more than ready!

Merry Christmas Athletes.