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30 Days to better Pullups: Take on our 30-Day Pullup Challenge!


Free Athletes, how do you feel about Pullups? Have you grown to love them? Or does seeing Pullups in a training plan make you a little nervous and uncertain?

No matter if Pullups are an old favorite or a dreaded test for you right now, improving how you do them (and getting closer to that perfectly executed Pullup!) is something worth striving for.

Now, doing just one Pullup with excellent form requires lots of practice and focus, and it’s a challenge in itself to be able to do that.

Check out this video of Freeletics team members Aspen and Alistair as they take on 30 days of strength and technique building in pursuit of better Pullups.

Now that you’ve seen us do it, it’s your turn. We’re happy to present you with your very own 30 Day Pullup Challenge below, in both beginner and intermediate versions:

(The beginner version can be found on the left-hand side, and the intermediate version is on the right-hand side. Don’t forget that you can always check the “Single Exercises” section of the app for video guidance, too.)

Pullups infographic

Up for some hard work? Of course you are. Let’s do this. #ClapClap

And if you feel like sharing your progress on social media, tag your photos with the hashtag #30DayPullupChallenge so that the community can cheer you on!