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Stand your ground against winter


Winter is when most athletes struggle to maintain their workout routine and stay motivated. Days get shorter, pavements icier and whether we go looking for one or not, there seems to be an excuse for every situation. It’s true that temperature and light influences our bodies rhythm in winter, but sticking to your exercise routine will do wonders for your mood compared to lying on the couch. So get up, get out, bare the cold and start making use of those winter days. Here’s how.

Set a goal for summer

What about that half-marathon you missed out on this year? The Aphrodite PB you’ve been trying to beat for months? Or the beach body that’s been your goal for the past 3 years? The period between summer and Christmas is when people have the most time on their hands. Don’t let weather be the reason you waste it. Start working on your summer goal now.

Warm up inside

Do some high knees, jumping jacks and burpees indoors to get your heart rate going and your body temperature soaring. Once you’re warm, cool, fresh air won’t seem so bad anymore.

Make winter a reason to train

Add some winter sports like skiing or hiking in the snow to your routine. You’ll see that Freeletics training will give you the endurance and strength you need to make it down the slope or up the mountain faster. And not just that: bearing cold temperatures boosts your immune system. Why not treat yourself to an evening swim and sauna after a cold winter workout? You will have earned it.

Turn your living room into a training ground

We all know those days when you look out the window and can’t figure out whether it’s night or day. You know you have to train. But can’t bring yourself to step out the front door. What if we told you that you don’t have to? Adapt your session and train in the warmth and comfort of your own home. After that, you’re free to put that comfy sweater back on without an ounce of guilt.


Think hearty, healthy and wholesome

As temperatures drop, our bodies naturally crave heavier, heartier foods that are warming and more satisfying to compete against the cold. Focus on traditional stews, warming soups, chilis and oven-roasts. Combine them with lots of seasonal vegetables like beets, winter squash and cabbage, replace bad fats with good ones and stick to lean beefs and heavier, unrefined cooked grains. These dishes are easy to prepare and will boost your energy and ability to perform during your cold-weather workout.

Our tip: Double the recipe, so you have plenty of leftovers for after your training. There is nothing better than a warm meal after a freezing workout in the snow. Need some winter nutrition inspiration? Why not try sweet potato-curry or carrot orange soup with shrimps? You can find these recipes and many more in the Freeletics Nutrition Coach.

Forget the feeling of fear and remember that feeling of finishing your workout. It will be cold. It will be painful. You will doubt, struggle, suffer and grind. But above all, you will succeed. You will overcome yet another obstacle. Surprise yourself another time. And prove that once again, you are strong enough to see this through. Do not let winter stop you. It’s only here for a few months. You’re here to stay.

Keep in mind that the cold can be harmful if you fail to prepare. Take a look at our 7 tips for training in winter to stay safe.