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Solutions to 8 daily challenges you face

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We find ourselves faced with challenges from the moment we wake up: Can’t get out of bed. No time to prepare lunch. Want to go out for dinner with friends, but worried about the temptation. Big or small, there’s always gonna be something. But a challenge also means a choice. Do you overcome it, or do you let it overcome you?

Here’s how to deal with the everyday obstacles you face. Remember, you never need to be overcome by anything.

6am – Challenge #1 : “My bed won’t let me leave”

The first and toughest challenge of the day: the fight with the alarm clock. No one wants to get up when it’s so cosy under the duvet and you’re in the middle of a great dream. So our advice to you is this: make your morning appealing. Hunt down an early bird to help drag you out of bed, find all the positives that come with waking up early and give yourself something to look forward to.

6.45am – Challenge #2:  “Workout completed”

Oh wait, there is no challenge at this point- you’ve done your workout, you feel great. Now time for a long, hot shower and an awesome, well deserved breakfast. Nice!

7.30am – Challenge #3: “Chocolate pastry breakfast craving”

You know you shouldn’t but you can’t help it: you crave something sweet or processed from the bakery down the road. Old habits are said to die hard, so find new habits to replace them with. A hearty and healthy breakfast of mixed berry or chestnut musli (you can find the recipes in the Freeletics Nutrition Coach) and one XXXL, black coffee will satisfy morning cravings, fill you up and leave you guilt free.

8.15am – Challenge #4: “I don’t want to go to work!!”

Just remembered the pile of papers on your desk waiting for you? We all know the stress of working life. But this can all be changed with a few positivity tricks. Start by taking your time in the morning. A workout will 100% clear your head. Be sure to make your bed before you leave. Have your coffee outside on the balcony. If it’s nice weather leave earlier and take a walk to work. Being stressed helps no one. Start your day on a positive note and the rest will follow.

12.30am – Challenge #5: “No time to prepare a healthy lunch

The usual case of “I’ll grab a snack in between meetings”. Don’t get us wrong, snacking is fine as long as the snack is nutritious. However unfortunately for many it’s more likely to be a chocolate bar, or ready-made sandwich. Thankfully there is a way to avoid this. Preparing daily salads for the whole week on a Sunday night saves you time, energy and keeps you on track. And if you are gonna snack, snack smart. Here you can find some quick, easy, protein snacks ideas.

7pm – Challenge #6: “The couch vs. the workout”

You didn’t train in the morning and you’ve been putting off that workout all day. You get home, but now the couch looks so comfy. How do you find the willpower to resist? The thing is, your willpower is always strongest in the morning. This is when you’re most likely to get up and do it without a second thought. The trick to resisting the couch however is to ignore it. Don’t lie on it. Don’t sit on it. Don’t even look at it. It’s a military operation: get in the door, put your sports clothes on and get out as fast as possible. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

8pm – Challenge #7: “I want a social life but I also want to Eat Clean”

Do you dread going out for dinner? Open the menu, lose all self-control and end up feeling guilty instead of satisfied? Keeping a social life is extremely important. And the good news is you can still have one, even when you’re focused, training hard and working on your goal. So join your friends and go out for dinner. Order a meal high in protein. Learn the “restaurant lingo” and don’t be afraid to make requests. You can find more tips in our healthy restaurant eating guide.

10pm – Challenge #8: “I can’t sleep so I’ll just watch a movie instead”

Find it hard to fall asleep at an acceptable hour? Don’t just accept an average sleep. And you’re not doing yourself any favours by switching on the tv to fall asleep. Try taking a hot shower or bath, avoiding heavy, late meals too close to bed and switch off all devices at least 30 mins before you go to bed. TV’s and mobile phones trigger your brain to be alive and awake and this isn’t what you want if you have a 6am Aphrodite planned.

Life is full of challenges and you will feel like you are being tested on a daily basis. But do not succumb to these pressures. For every action there is a reaction. When there’s a will, there’s a way and every challenge comes with a solution. So let’s make the right decisions. Let’s be in control of our day and which direction it goes. And enjoy the life you mould for yourself.