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Why running is all about the core


You might not think it, but without core muscles, you wouldn’t be able to run. There’s a reason why many professional runners have chiselled abs - your core is absolutely essential to both your running technique and running performance.

Your core muscles are literally the center of your body. The core connects all of your limbs to each other and how the core functions has a massive impact on your strength, power and endurance.

There are two main reasons why having a strong core is important for running.


Your core muscles are the link between your upper and lower body. They play an important role in providing a strong base for the upper body which then enables the lower body to transfer its forces to the ground in the most effective way possible, wasting minimal energy.


Your core is also important for balance and posture. Imagine running with no core muscles whatsoever; it would be like trying to stand a piece of spaghetti on its end - totally impossible. Your core provides stability and neutralizes the rotational movements of the upper body, keeping you upright and enabling your lower body to propel you forwards.

So, which core exercises should you include in your running training?

Core exercises are much more than just Situps. Planks, Pushups, Burpees and Climbers are all effective core exercises that also challenge your cardiovascular system, adding a holistic aspect to your running training. You should aim to incorporate a variety of core exercises into your training so as to strengthen the full range of abdominal muscles.

Let’s recap:

It might be surprising to learn, but core exercises are an essential part of running. Try implementing them in your training now and see the difference for yourself.