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“Slow and steady wins the race” - Patrick’s story


A self-confessed yo-yoer when it came to diet and fitness, Patrick was no stranger to going full throttle at the beginning of a plan. However, he had always struggled to keep up the results or maintain unrealistic, drastic diets and would soon slip back into old ways, before beginning again. He was also no stranger to exercise, but with no guidance or significant goals to work towards, Patrick was stuck in a fitness rut and training regularly but not seeing results.

Time to make a change

With a close friend who had recently transformed via a Freeletics bootcamp, Patrick was incredibly keen to sign up and see if he too could transform his body and mindset using Freeletics. After turning 33 and reaching a stage in his life where he wanted to balance a successful career with a strong body and mind, Patrick threw himself into the Freeletics training and nutrition plan on the Hybrid Strength Training Journey.

Trusting the process

Totally overhauling his diet and training plan with Freeletics, Patrick was initially frustrated with the slower progress, but knowing it wasn’t a quick fix, fully embraced the plan and the results soon came. Following a macro-based nutrition plan which was devised to help him meet his strength training goals, Patrick was consuming more carbohydrates than ever before and finally seeing drastic changes to his body.

Cutting down on cardio and prioritizing strength training saw Patrick achieve huge gains which have also helped him to safeguard his body from injury and reverse previous damage to his back and neck, which had once hampered his training.

Sustainable results

Freeletics has also helped Patrick to strike a balance between his physical and mental health. Not only is he in the best shape of his life, but he is happier, more content and feeling more positive than ever, having reached his dream body once and for all.

By his own admission, Freeletics has helped him to reach a sustainable routine, showing him that you need to trust in the process when it comes to transforming your body and realise that slow and steady, really does win the race, as well as make for transformative, long-term results.

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