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International Women’s Day: Own Your Space


Move over, make room – this International Women’s Day we’re amplifying women, encouraging them to take up space. Get loud, stand tall, show up, and unleash the fierceness that lies within you. We’re here for it and it’s exactly what our Own Your Space campaign is all about.

In honor of International Women's Day, we want you to show the world what it looks like when women take up space by being authentically themselves. We want to celebrate our community of badass women while creating a platform where all women can be their strongest, most unapologetic selves.

Gyms are often intimidating, very masculine places, but Freeletics hopes to change that by providing a place for all women and dispelling the myth that strength training is not for them.  And we’re not stopping there. Our mission is to help cultivate a sense of confidence that overflows into all aspects of your life, from the gym to your career, community, and more.  

To do so, this month, we’ll be posting several topics related to women in training that'll help boost your strength, performance, and ultimately own your space. We’ll provide the expert knowledge that’ll empower you to pick up those kettlebells, dumbbells, or resistance bands and take up space in the weights section of the gym.

Looking for even more inspiration? We'll be sharing some inspirational stories from our very own community of badass female Free Athletes. A force to be reckoned with – they exemplify the true strength of women.

And don't miss the interview featuring three of our very own female powerhouses, guaranteed to ignite your motivation to get after it. These fearless leaders are paving the way for other women to hold their own in a male-dominated industry by showing that a women's space can exist wherever they want it to.


So, who are these awe-inspiring women? Read on to discover more about some of our many fearless Freeletics leaders.

  • Meet Kim, our Social Media Team Lead at Freeletics. In addition to hitting Deadlifts on the reg, she’s someone that doesn’t shy away from the heavy lifting. Kim’s not afraid to take risks and make a statement with her social media efforts. She goes for it and she owns it.
  • Ellie, our Marketing Director, has climbed the ranks of Freeletics by being unapologetically herself. She’s fierce, she’s ambitious, and the best part – she sets the stage for other people to succeed alongside her. A passionate leader and a marketing expert, she's always eager and open to share her knowledge.
  • Stefy, our Head of Finance and Operations at Freeletics, is crushing stereotypes left and right – being a female leader in finance at a tech company. Boom! She pulls numbers and nails Pullups, but she doesn’t stop there – participating regularly in our weekly fitness challenges. If you need inspiration to take up space, Stefy is your girl!
  • Mina, Head of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), knows the brand like the back of her hand. A true Free Athlete at heart, Mina leads with fiery determination, zeal, and strategy. And she’s tough – knowing just when to strike. A true proponent of teamwork, she’s all about collaboration and empowering others to perform at their best. Adapting her sails to make anything work, she shows that owning your space can also be about sharing it.
  • Federica, our Localization Team Lead, proves that stepping into a leadership role post-baby is achievable with a strong support system and a company that amplifies your capabilities. And she’s not stopping there – beyond dominating in the professional world, Federica is also carving out time to rebuild her strength and fitness. Already on her second Training Journey, Federica refuses to be confined to one category. She’s a mom and she’s owning her space – or in this case, “spaces.”

Are you pumped up and ready to unleash your badass strength? Join our International Women’s Day challenge designed to help you Own Your Space. It’s open to everyone (men and women!), and you can earn fun prizes while benefiting the great work of the Girl Power organization.