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New Freeletics App feature: On-Demand Training


The new Explore training library in the Freeletics App gives you some awesome new ways of working out and keeping active, and can be added to your Coach session, or completed on days when no Coach session is planned.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Mobility workouts for increased performance

Stretching and mobility are paramount to giving it your all in training. The new mobility workouts are perfect to do on rest days, or perhaps in addition to training days.

We have added four 10-minute mobility workouts. Each one focuses on the upper body, core, lower body or full body.

Mobility workouts differ from typical warmups and cooldowns not only in that they are longer; they have a specific purpose in your training.

The aim of a warmup is to do exactly that, to warm up the muscles you are about to use in the workouts.

As for cooldowns... you guessed it: they are meant to cool down the muscles you have just used and prevent them from getting stiff.

Mobility workouts are aimed to increase flexibility and range of motion. As such, they might actually fatigue your muscles and should ideally not be done before a big workout.

Coach tip: Complete mobility workouts on rest days, or during a period after your workout, but not too close to your workout.

Workouts to help you focus on specific areas of your body

Ever had a really good day where you finished a Coach workout and felt you had something left in the tank? The new body part workouts can see to that!

We now present 12 new workouts focusing on the upper body, core, lower body or full body that will challenge you and make sure you finish your training feeling like you have given it your all.

What’s great about these workouts is that you could even build your own training session. Dynamic Warmups, body part workouts, and Active Cooldowns can all be selected from the Explore section.

Train with the equipment you have available

Want to train with your Jump Rope or Resistance Bands? We’ve added 5 new workouts to ensure your equipment doesn’t gather dust.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced jump rope workouts are great cardio and get your heart rate up.

The upper or lower body resistance band workouts are perfect for building strength and muscle.

Work out within the time you have

With the exception of the mobility training, the abovementioned workouts are all time specific, meaning they will last the exact time that is stated on the workout.

Unlike our God workouts, which use mostly reps per exercise, these new workouts use time intervals per exercise.

The aim here is to do as many reps or rounds as possible within the time allotted (making sure you maintain proper form, of course!)

The time options are 10, 15, or 20 minutes meaning once you press start, your workout will be completed within that timeframe.

This is great if you know you only have a certain amount of time to get your exercise in and you want to plan accordingly.

This is just the beginning...

We’re excited about the new workout experiences we are bringing to the App! Adding new exercises was just the start, stay tuned for new workouts and more exciting things in the future.

Want to learn more about the new workouts? Check out our FAQ at the Help Center.
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