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New bodyweight exercises: Even more variety

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A Free Athlete always looks for the next level to reach. Progress is a part of who we are. And the more we achieve, the higher we aim. For this reason we have added a whole lot of brand new exercises to the bodyweight training system. Read more to discover why the new Freeletics exercises will take you even closer to achieving your goal:

Training with your own bodyweight means you have to leverage the laws of physics to adjust your resistance – whereas with weights you simply add or remove plates.

So how do we actually progress to the next level?

One way of doing this is instead of “adding weight”, we adjust it. This means changing the angle of your body or the momentum around a joint, to create a different resistance for the muscles we want to train. The new exercises will be combined in a way to holistically train mobility, strength and endurance all in one session. This way you experience real athleticism.

Another level is skill: Imagine all the bodyweight exercises that are out there being one big tree of progressions. E.g. if you want to perform a pushup, you have to be able to do a knee-pushup and an incline pushup first. So the branches of the tree are individual “skill branches” that sometimes also reconnect. Take for example the muscleup – you have to be able to do pullups and dips on a straight bar first, before you can do the muscleup. We are adding new exercises to connect skills with progression exercises to offer you a progression path to reach certain goals. One way to look at is is: the more you give, the more you get.

Some exercises challenge and/or develop your mobility and balance, an element that is very important to your training. So even if their effect on strengthening your muscles is not as big as you believe some other exercises might be – it’s very important to perform them for balance, stability and flexibility.

Above all is variability and flexibility. Your coach needs to be able to adapt the training to exactly you and your fitness. For this reason there are no set workouts. Each training is different, chosen by your Coach based on you and your progress.

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