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Skin care good enough to eat


Having good skin goes beyond giving you confidence. We all know that when our skin looks good, we feel good. But that’s not all: similar to the heart your skin is an organ. Healthy skin protects the body from sun rays, viruses, bacteria and also keeps your body temperature at a constant level. So taking care of it is just as important as watching what you eat, or keeping up a consistent exercise regime.

The good news is that you don’t always have to spend hundreds on expensive treatments. There are a few natural ingredients which will leave your skin glowing, healthy and boost your “go-get-em” attitude.

Almonds and almond oil

Rich in vitamins and extremely hydrating, almonds have a firming effect on the outer layer of the skin keeping it moisturized and soft. You can either add almonds to your diet or invest in some almond oil which will soothe, smooth and calm your skin.

Raw honey

Honey is not only healing, it’s also a natural moisturizer, exfoliator and scar minimizer. With a sticky and spreadable consistency, you can even apply it straight to your skin to remove dead skin particles and leave your skin looking smoother and more radiant.

Coconut and coconut oil

More and more people are replacing other oils like olive or sunflower for coconut when it comes to cooking. But the natural goodness of coconut oil goes beyond its use in the kitchen. Coconut oil can also be used as a moisture, keeping the skin smooth, smelling good and preventing wrinkles and dryness. Best to use is virgin, organic coconut oil applying directly to the skin.


Combined with lemon juice, cucumber and yoghurt, avocado won’t only make a delicious dip, it’s also a cool, refreshing and moisturizing face mask. With all its natural oil and vitamins, avocado is the key to hydrated and healthy skin.


Although applying tomatoes directly to your skin won’t really do much, by adding them to your summer nutrition, you’re doing your skin a big favour. With their high levels of lycopene, tomatoes protect against the harmful effect of UV light, therefore acting as a natural SPF.

Your skin is your shield. Keep it strong and it will keep you protected.

What are your skincare essentials? We want to hear. Leave a comment below.