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Let’s talk about Flex, baby!


At Freeletics, we’ve always been advocates of training how you want, when you want. We're not concerned with the how—as long as you stay committed and keep at it. And this mindset of openness and inclusion goes beyond fitness – it’s at our core. We believe everyone should have a place to train freely, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

In honor of Pride this year, let's celebrate this diversity in all its forms. Your passion, your style, your identity—let it shine. Be bold, be proud, take up space, and embrace your true self. It’s a celebration of strength within you, within others, and how truly powerful we are as a community. And we’re here to support it all.

Sweat is sweat. And sweating your way, working towards your goals and becoming your best self – that’s the ultimate flex.

We reached out to our Community to hear their stories, and this month we will share a few to inspire and motivate you. We'll also equip you with the tools to fuel both your physical and mental strength, helping you build a resilient self. And we’re not stopping there—we're also dropping a brand-new God workout exclusively for Pride (stay tuned for more details!) along with one extra surprise in the app, so keep your eyes peeled.

Let’s show the world that at Freeletics, every drop of sweat counts, no matter who you are or how you earn it. There's no wrong way to sweat; it's about pushing boundaries and striving to be your best – go for that extra rep or goal. Ultimately, it’s about discovering your flex, your way, and boldly flaunting it to the world. What’s your flex?

flex-content-image.jpgFuel your flex