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Legs, Curves & Core

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The latest Training Journey added to the Freeletics roster is a lower body burner, designed to strengthen, shape and sculpt.

In short

Legs, Curves & Core is a 12 week, bodyweight only Training Journey designed exclusively for women. Designed to target the quads, glutes and abdominals, this Journey will help you build a strong, powerful and toned lower body through a HIIT program that you can do anywhere, anytime.

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What’s the big deal?

This Training Journey has been designed to help you develop a strong and powerful lower body by focusing on exercises that specifically target the legs, glutes and core. Intense, high rep intervals and Gods will not only hone in on strengthening the lower body, but will also help sculpt a toned and defined figure. Exercises you might encounter during the 12 weeks of this Training Journey include Side Dips, Heel Raises, Bicycle Crunches and, everyone’s favorite classic Freeletics exercise, Squats.

As with all Freeletics bodyweight Training Journeys, the Coach will guide you through Legs, Curves & Core and mix up your workout days with drills, intervals, Gods and finishers. What sets this Journey apart is that all the exercises will target the lower body exclusively, focussing on developing functional strength and power in this area.

And should you find yourself short on space or time, there’s no excuse not to train; with the new Quick Adapt feature, you’re able to inform your Coach of your restrictions and it will generate a new Legs, Curves & Core training day that will keep you on track to a strong and sculpted lower body.

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Why should I choose this journey?

Building sculpted legs, abs and glutes is about so much more than just getting “beach body ready”. By specifically targeting your lower body, you’ll be developing the strength, stability and confidence of movement needed to take on even greater physical challenges safely and assuredly.

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